Yes? or No?

Did anyone see 14 year old Nadia Iles on Good Morning America?

I didn’t but I read her story this morning on Yahoo. It made me sad….very, very sad….

Nadia HAD ears that stuck out and her nose WAS crooked. She got a lot of crap about it at school because as anyone who survived High School knows, kids are assholes. So she skipped school a lot, cried a lot, and contemplated suicide….

All because she DIDN’T conform to someone else’s standards of beauty….

So she got plastic surgery. Forty grand worth of plastic surgery….

For free.

Her Mom couldn’t afford it, so she contacted a foundation in Manhattan who performs reconstructive surgery for financial needs children with facial deformities.

Do you consider this a facial deformity?? I don’t. Yes, her ears aren’t perfect. Yes, her nose is crooked. But deformed? No. Nothing the right hair style and a little make up (which she’s wearing in the “after” picture. Also tweezed her brows) couldn’t have improved. Maybe a better solution would have been therapy to improve her lack of self confidence, to teach her how to manage stress, to boost her self esteem.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery in general. God knows if I could afford it I’d have a whole bunch of stuff nipped, tucked, lifted, sucked out and overhauled. But I don’t consider myself deformed. And I certainly don’t think I should qualify as such in order to get free liposuction. Seems like a waste of a wonderful resource for kids with bigger problems….

To each his own, who am I to judge but I just think this sends the wrong message to kajillions of teens out there who ALL suffer from poor self image issues. Doesn’t it say “go under the knife, all your problems will be magically cured once you look better!”?? It doesn’t change who she is on the inside, which to me is the more important problem. What’s she going to do when she’s 17 and those boobs everyone told her would “come in” never do? Or they “come in” with a vengence and she ends up with double JJ’s?? Boob job? 

I find it sad. Enormously sad.

My heart goes out to this little girl, she has no idea that in just a few short years she’d have been done with High School and none of it would have mattered anymore. And she didn’t learn any of the survival skills that High School teaches those of us who were a little different. None of it matters. The cheerleaders and football stars end up being average just like everyone else, their glory days behind them and the rest of us grow up to realize that in the grown up world our short little turned up nose is considered cute and no one will call us “Pig Nose” ever again. And no one gives a crap if you wear glasses…..

We all had to learn to accept the things that made us different, that some one bullied us about. And some of us even learned to embrace those little physical quirks. Point being, we learned. We adapted. We matured. We grew strong. Those are the REAL lessons learned by having survived High School…

Because no one needs to know how to dissect a frog in adulthood. Or uses algebra. Ick. (sorry Libby!)



6 thoughts on “Yes? or No?

  1. I agree with you 100%. Her face was not that bad at all and that money should have gone to another child who really needed it and not her. Makeup fixes a lot of things believe me i look half dead with out eye liner and once that’s on i look alive. ha ha
    She has not learned how to deal with her problems at all. Therapy would have been the best way to help her instead of surgery and the kids who do the teasing they also have hidden problems that they are trying to cover up too.
    Even to this day I get teased about shit and I throw something back at them and it always shuts people up pretty fast.

  2. Grammy, I’m with you that if you have some “issues” and the money then have a few things nipped and tucked if you want. But a TEENAGER? Nope. They need to learn survival skills and coping tactics for adulthood.

    Plus if this family is SO poor how the hell are they going to pay for college? Wouldn’t that 40K have been better spent on that rather than plastic surgery? Or is the mommy going to campaign for college next?

    I think this girl is going to have problems all her life mostly because her mother hasn’t taught her anything except she’s a victim and other people will rescue her.

    Sad. Sad. Sad.

  3. Wow, someone paid 40K for her to go from average to um…average?

    You’re right that she’s missing out on the real lessons of high school. I wish I could think of something pithy to say but I just feel sorry for her. Those surgeries are painful and while that pain goes away eventually the mental suffering she’s gone through lingers. Fixing her face (as she sees it I presume) won’t fix what she feels about herself in the long run.

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