No one told me Seattle was a hilly town….

Why is all the good stuff always at the top of the hill??? Sicily was the same way….

Besides having lunch with my dear, dear friend Bubbe, cruising thru Pikes Market was my favorite thing on our day in Seattle. It was also my Hubs least favorite thing, too many people, too many things to tempt me into spending his money! And I did… started with Pappardelle’s handmade pasta stand. They make a chocolate pasta….chocolate, hellllo?? So I bought three variety’s of pasta and 2 dipping oils. Yum! What I could have done without was the hiking up the damn hills. I’m middle aged, overweight and out of shape, that hill crap was just unnecessary!

Oh Pike’s, stay your beautiful stinky self! I adore you!











I am a sucker for anything hand crafted and Pike’s was no disappointment! Yes, it was uber crowded. Yes, it was full of overpriced Seattle souvenirs. Yes, parts of it smelled weird. It was loud and colorful and a little bohemian and I loved it! I could have happily spent the entire day (plus maybe one more) just perusing each and every vendor booth!

This was my least favorite thing about Seattle….The famous Gum Wall. It’s an entire alley covered in gum, albeit artfully placed gum. Still gum chewed by God only knows who with God only knows what types of plague. I refused to touch it or anything near it but I did stop to take a picture of a tiny little portion of it so that I could show it to y’all. You’re welcome….

Another thing I adored? The ferris wheel….I am a fan of any city that houses a waterfront ferris wheel!

See? Beautiful and unexpected….

We toured the aquarium, something we always enjoy wherever we go that has one. Each one is different and unique….

I had no idea that starfish came in such an array of fabulous colors! And they we in a pool that was open and sticking your hand in to touch them was encouraged as long as you only used your “science (pointer) finger”….MY hubs of course had to ask if he could use an alternate finger as his science finger. The answer was no in case you’re wondering….

They had the most interesting walk thru archway aquarium filled with Jelly fish…it was fascinating to stand in it and see them on each side and above you just doing their thing. I was mesmerized….

One of the things I most enjoyed about Seattle’s aquarium was that instead of a placard posted by each tank listing the fish species inside they had staff members stationed all over the place who’s only task was to personally answer any questions you had. It was a very nice touch….

After walking all through the market and trekking up and down hills to the restaurant we’d chosen to meet Bubbe at for lunch, Hubs knee’s were hurting him so we sat in this little park outside the aquarium and just people watched. It was another of my favorite parts of the day. The weather was perfect, the ocean was right there so you got that wonderful salty breeze. We enjoyed it for close to an hour. Sitting by the sea eating salt water taffy with a couple of your favorite people in the world just chillin’ is not a bad way to spend your time!

After the aquarium we met Captain America who had to work and couldn’t spend the whole day with us for dinner at the Crab Pot….We all ordered the crab dinners which consisted of 2 kinds of whole crabs, shrimp, mussels, clams, corn on the cob, potatoes and andouille sausage all boiled together and dumped onto the middle of the table! Our plates were wood cutting boards, our only utensils were a crab hammer and a seafood fork!! It was sooooooooo good and soooooooo much fun!

They mug for the camera SO WELL don’t they??

All THREE of my children enjoyed themselves!

I thoroughly enjoyed our day in Seattle, and I’m already planning another trip in a few months, just me and Avery this time! We’ll fly out and spend a little longer than Hubs and I were able to spend because HE had to get back to that pesky J.O.B. thing….Her Auntie and Uncle are missing seeing her grow up and I always miss my Kid and Kid-in-Law, not to mention my Grandpuppy!













Isn’t he the most gorgeous Mutt breed you’ve ever seen??? And only weighs in at right about 100 lbs which should make him formidable and probably intimidates the hell out of people until they hear him bark….the most squirrely high pitched bark EVER! My pug has a scarier bark….He’s also one of the most incredibly intelligent dogs I’ve ever been around!

If she has to live so far from me, I’m really happy that my girl gets to live in such a beautiful part of the country! Except for the stupid car breaking down thing, I thoroughly enjoyed our time in Washington. And let me tell ya about the GoodWill in Bremerton….holy crap it was AH-MAZING! I bought 2 nightstands for my bedroom for 4 bucks apiece! Vivi bought the cutest antique desk for $10….Honest to God it was best thrift store I’ve ever been to. It was clean, neat, organized and everything was super cheap! In 5 days Vivi and I went there 3 times!! My truck was packed to the gills on the way home!

Yay for me!!

I also got to see my adopted daughter while we were in Washington, she’s always such a hoot and I laughed my arse off watching her, Vivi, Hubs and Captain America in some very competitive “Just Dance” battles!

I can’t wait to go back!!



6 thoughts on “No one told me Seattle was a hilly town….

  1. Grammy, I LOVE shopping when I’m away too! Especially over-priced stuff. What’s up with that? Do we just lose our heads when out of our own state or are we just in a different state of mind…like crazy town? Oh, wait, I’m always in THAT town! lol.

    I love your pictures! Even the gumball wall! I wouldn’t touch it either, but it sure is neat looking.

    It sounds like you had an amazing time! Thanks for sharing your FUN time so I can live vicariously through you right now! 😉


      • I vote YES! Come on out Pam! If we can plan ahead I’ll even take a day or two off work and we can do a ladies’ night out with Vivi and your adopted daughter Grammy! Woohoo, something to look forward to! 😀

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