Home again, Home again jiggidy jig….

Anybody remember that nursery rhyme?

Vacation is over, we are home again and happy to be! We missed (in no particular order) our home, our dogs, Peanut, our bed, our water pressure…also, vacation took a turn for the worse and bit us in the ass….

Last Wednesday the transmission went out in my truck….the one we drove to Washington… The timing was actually lucky, as we were still at Vivi’s house and not in the middle of BFE Montana….but it sucked. Major suckage to the tune of $3100 smackeroos, which will pretty effectively diminish the fun of a vacation…

So we never made it to Victoria Canada, we’ll save it for the next trip…

However, before I depict our vaca as all gloom and doom rest assure we did manage buckets of fun anyway in the form of a whale watching cruise thru the San Juan Islands via Western Prince Whale and Wildlife Tours, out of Friday Harbor…It was AH-MAZING! Even though the Orca’s had moved out of the area the day we were there, we were really fortunate to see Stellar Sea Lions who aren’t even supposed to be there this time of year….

They’re not kissing, they’re fighting! Mongo big teeth!

And we saw Harbor Seals:

He was dancing!

If you squint just right you’ll see this Minke Whale:

Seagulls on a log anyone?

We were truly amazed to see the hungry dorkfish:


Saw a Mama Bald Eagle and her young’un:

Where the hell is that kid, he’s late again….

Mom, what’s for dinner??

Because it’s me, I found flowers…

And sailboats….

I love sailboats, don’t ask me why as I’ve never been on one and fairly certain I’d yak if I ever was…

I found a handsome man on a rock…

Speaking of rocks….have I ever mentioned that I pick up rocks wherever I travel and bring them home?? I do….and the one I found on this trip my loving Hubs toted allllllllllll the way back to the car from the beach for me ‘cuz he loves me!

Also, who knew the 3 stooges were alive and well in Port Anacortes…

It was a fabulous day, filled with wonderous wildlife, terrific family, really good food, general silliness (I love that!) and some rousing games of CAD on the ferries!

None of which I won….

But it’s ok….




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