Greetings from a VacationHead!

Hi Peeps! Miss me???

This will be short as I got stuffs to do! Places to go! YUMS to eat! Ferries to catch….(oy)

Lots of details will come but I just wanted to give a tiny update, the most important being meeting Bubbe. (Any of you who read the comments on my posts will recognize the name) We met for lunch in Seattle yesterday and she was EXACTLY the way I had pictured her in my head; warm, funny, open and genuinely nice. Just NICE…and meeting her felt like meeting an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while rather than meeting someone for the first time. She is a treasure and I am sooooooo effin’ lucky to count her among my friends! Plus, she was my first follower on the blog, first to leave a comment….

I heart her!

Here’s a couple other things that happened yesterday:

And then I said Buh Bye to Seattle…which made me sad because I HAD WAY MORE SHOPPING TO DO!!!

Job, schmob….. I spend my Hubby’s money!



2 thoughts on “Greetings from a VacationHead!

  1. You’re so sweet! I loved meeting you too Grammy. We had so much fun even in the short time we had together. And meeting Chef Vivi and Hubs was a treat! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Washington … come back soon, I miss you already!


  2. What fun! Like I told Bubbe…I’m jealous but I’m so happy you got to meet each other! One day I will get to meet you gals too!

    Your pictures are great! I just loved Seattle (I was there last year). Too bad I didn’t know Bubbe then!

    Have lots of fun! Can’t wait for more updates!


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