Wow! What a year…







Yeppers, it’s been a year since I posted my first story on the blog. A year…holy crap weasel!

My first post was The Dog Blog. I just re-read it and I can see a difference in my writing style, can you? I think the biggest difference is I’m just more comfortable writing now. I over analyze less (which is good) and I proofread less (which is bad) and I’m pretty sure both of those are the direct result of laziness…:)

Soooo much has happened in this year of blogging; got all dressed up for a wedding….

I was trying to be all Sexy, but I just look drunk and confused.














Had a Grandbaby…












Made a full circle with the employment issue; anyone remember when my original “About Me” page said I was contemplating retirement?? Talked myself out of it, got injured and talked myself back into it….That page as changed numerous times!

In this first year I discovered the wonders of getting stabbity with the blog. Got sappy, got deep and philosophical, got silly.

I learned that as much as I love to cook, blogging about cooking is not for me.

I’ve made wonderful new friends, reconnected with some beloved family members…

and alienated others.   It’s been a busy year…

I’ve used my blog as a sounding board, a soapbox, therapy and advertising. I’ve loved it, and at time felt obligated to it when I didn’t want to be (hence going from a daily post to 3 posts a week or so).

I renewed my domain name for another year….wonder what the Blog’s second year will bring?? Hmmmm…..

I should have baked the Blog a cake, but it’s too hot to heat up the house plus I’m lazy today….I will however have all the girls drink a toast to’s birthday tonight while we’re all that the strip club watching boys get next to nakey! Seriously….going to an “Magic Mike” wannabe male stripper show tonight. I totally blame it on Jackie-May. Bambi Lou first suggested going, but Jackie-May brought the plan to fruition…

I hope I don’t get stripper glitter in my eye….



8 thoughts on “Wow! What a year…

  1. I am a bad influence – sorry I’m not sorry! It’ll be fun! Happy Birthday blog, we shall drink in your honor tonight!

  2. Happy Birthday Blog! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you and your family through the blog Lori. You make me laugh and think and reflect on my own life with gratitude and pleasure. Thanks for being here!

    I hope you enjoyed the strippers!

  3. Belated happy 1st birthday to your blog, Grammy. Thanks for all your wonderful posts – here’s to a second year of successful blogging. Hope you had a lovely vacation. Best wishes.

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