Holy Cow, I’m in business!

I made my very first sale in my Etsy Shop yesterday! My very first unsolicited sale to a stranger who’s not buying from me because she knows me!


And I made a whopping $4.00 profit too….

Full time job?? Who needs it???

I is crafty….

What did I sell? Coasters…

For $10.00 bucks, which included the shipping of $5 and cost me about a buck to make. So I promptly made and listed a new set!

All different, cuz I couldn’t decide which paper I liked best!











But they go together in a girly way, and no one will have to worry about the kids getting them dirty cuz I already did that for you ON PURPOSE! You’re welcome!

Also made these this week:













































Christmas ornaments! Because I saw a picture on Pinterest months ago and found these old wood spools in one of my sewing boxes the other day and I was bored!

So I listed them in the shop too, cuz it’s never too early to buy Christmas ornaments right??


So, here’s my financial breakdown for the shop so far:

  • Listing fees: $4.20 (which run for 3 months at .20 cents per listing)
  • Business cards and address labels: $45.00 (which at this rate I’ll NEVER have to re-order)
  • Sales: $10.00, for a profit of $4.00
  • My shop has cost me $45.20 so far….

I’m going with the old adage “You have to spend money to make money”…Said by some old fart with a JOB to support his new shop which costs more than it makes…

To which I say “THANK YOU HONEY!!” for supporting me and my shop!

Tonight our Peanut is spending the night with us so that tomorrow she and I can leave the house really early to go check out an outdoor art exhibit in Spearfish with a friend, going early to try and beat the triple digit heat wave we’re having. While it got off to a slow start, this is without a doubt the hottest summer we’ve had in the 7 years we’ve lived in South Dakota. I’m not a fan…

A week from today we’ll be heading to Washington State to see the kiddos!



4 thoughts on “Holy Cow, I’m in business!

  1. “A week from today we’ll be heading to Washington State” – Yippee!!!!

    And yes indeed, you ARE the crafty one! I love those coasters so I hope you plan to make more. That way I can buy some for my birthday in November ;). I was just lamenting the fact that I had no coasters (really, I was!).

    Can’t wait to see you; travel safely my friend.

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