Poppa, Poppa, Poppa

Me: Avery, say Grammy!

Avery: Lalalalallala

Me: Grammmmmmmmy!

Avery: Babababababababa!


Avery: Mamamamammmaaaa.


Avery: Lalalalalalala!

Hubs: Say Poppa.

Avery: Pop pa!

Hubs: She said it! *eyes tearing up* WHOOT!

Avery: Popapapapapapapa

Avery: Pop pop pop!

Me: Grammy?

Avery: Poppapoppapoppa.

Me: Gram?

Avery: Jjaja.

Me: GaaaaRammmmy.



Avery: Pop pa pa.

Me: Oy.

Avery: Oyoyoyoyoy.

Close enough!

















Who can argue with that smile??



6 thoughts on “Poppa, Poppa, Poppa

  1. My kids said dada before they said mama.

    I think papa is easier to say than grammy.

    But that smile does make it easier. Get lots of those until she says grammy. And you KNOW once she says it, she’s never gonna stop!


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