Holy Couch Potato Batman!

Or in my case, Holy Over-sized, Over-stuffed Easy Chair Potato…

I spent one entire day doing absolutely nothing. The only productive thing I accomplished was taking a shower and finding some daytime TV to become addicted to….I’m calling that my “day off”. I ain’t gonna lie, it was niiiice! And it could become a habit so if y’all don’t hear from me for a week, I’ll be here, in my comfy chair surrounded by junk food crumbs, clutching the remote, glassy eyed and muttering things like “Noooo….Mrs Eastwood, you can’t reclaim Francesca’s old room!”

Most of my first week of retirement has been a nice mix of productivity and sloth. I do a little bit, then I give my back a break, then I do a little more. Over all, I haven’t had nearly as much pain this week as I did when working, I’m not sure if it’s being able to stop and rest the back periodically or the TENS unit my physical therapist prescribed for me that is really making the difference. I will say that the TENS unit is my new best friend. I can wear it on low all day if I know I’ll be doing things that will put a strain on my back, or just use it for 30 minutes at a higher frequency, which when combined with a heat pad is a wonderful relief. I have cut down the amount of pain killers I need to take by half, and haven’t taken a muscle relaxer in several days! Yippee!

On Wednesday, I conned my Hubs into helping me with a craft project, I used the guise of “show me how to do it Honey” (along with smiling and furiously batting my eyes) which morphed into him just doing it for me! I’m manipulative like that!

Here Baby, let me show you….












So he spent an hour or so drilling holes into wood for my coat racks…


































What he really wanted to be doing was building shelves for his shed…











Which he eventually got done, as soon as I released him from his HoneyDo duties! What I should have been doing was pulling weeds….








See?? That’s Creeping Jenny in my front bed…it’s a weed. Even though if you ignore it long enough it gets these pretty little flowers on it….still a weed. I should pull it. And pull it. Annnnnnd pull it. But I have these calling my name:











And these:








Aaaaaaand these:











I has all da crafts ta make! I have to at least cut the pallets and the masonite up into manageable pieces and put them in neat stacks. My neighbors would thank me….


Mwah! ha! ha!

Plus, my Pups like to be underfoot keep me company in the craft room…

I’ll guard the door Mom, ain’t nobody getting in here without a dog biscuit….









I’m not helping, I’m just waiting for you to give me a treat Dammit….









I did however get legit help….invaluable help….

Peanut helped me bunches!

She tested the coasters I made for slobber resistance….

She sorted all the coat racks for me…

She provided entertainment breaks!

She’s really good at her job…

PS…these coat racks, plus a bunch more new stuff is listed at The Shop now….Peanut thinks you should go check out the handiwork she helped with!

Yesterday I was uber productive, went toHELLMART Walmart for groceries (ugh) at 7:30 in the morning to avoid the God awful crowds (double ugh), came home and did laundry, then cleaned house, then baked a cake (testing a new recipe) and made dinner (testing another new recipe!). I did all this so that today I can do nothing but play with Miss Peanut! Yay me!

Tonight is Birthday dinner #2 with our good friends who also have early July birthdays, we’re going to a new Japanese Steak house in town, it should be an adventure!

Tomorrow is Movie Matinee Day with my girl posse to see Magic Mike! Yes, we’re only going to ogle the cute, nearly nakey boys in the movie. No, we’re not ashamed to admit this. Yes, our Husbands/boyfriends have given their blessings. No, we did not need their damn blessings, we were just being polite by asking if they minded said ogling of cutie patooties….

I’ll let y’all know how all this goes!



8 thoughts on “Holy Couch Potato Batman!

  1. They’re not just nearly naked…there are some parts where they’re totally naked! And don’t have high hopes about the plot line…..just enjoy the view!

  2. That is FABULOUS news about your back and not needing as many pain meds or muscle relaxers! I am so glad for you!

    As always, I love your art. My favorite is still the piece you sent me, though….it has a special place on my wall. Thank you again, Lori, you are very talented!

    My Avery sugars ran out, and I need some more. You might as well just start sending them every other day. Good thing I’m not there, because you’d have to fight me for play time with her…..just sayin’.

  3. Okay, where the heck to begin! You put a lot in this post for someone who says she’s a couch potato!

    I tried a “tens unit”…did not help me, so I gave it back.

    LOVE when men work…their muscles bulge and um…what was I sayin’?

    Oh I just LOVE your coat racks! And Peanut did such a good job helping you. Tell her when she’s not busy helping you, I could use some help at my place 😉

    Your Etsy shop is adorable!

    I have a July birthday too! Yep, the 27th. I’ll be…um…what was I saying again. hee hee. I’ll be 47!! And I have the wisdom lines to PROVE it too! We have tons of July birthdays. It’s a big month for us. My dad will be 70! Having a BIG party for him!

    Those weeds, have you ever tried Preen? Sprinkle it and it keep the weeds GONE for 3 months! Just love that stuff.

    Okay, I don’t know if I got everything, but I tried.


    • 1. Everybody’s diff, I hope you found something that DID work for you!
      2. Bulging muscles and sweat, yes, I am also a fan 🙂
      3. THANKS!
      4. Happy Early Birthday to you and a BIG Happy Birthday to your Dad!
      5. Nope, never tried it. Will it hurt the perennials I have planted in that bed?
      6. You dun good!

  4. I’m so happy you’re back is doing so well! I need one of them TENS units for my neck and shoulders! And your coat racks are so very cute! One of these days I’ll be in a position to actually buy something from you; I really want to support that retirement move! 😉

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