Hip Hip Hurray for the USA! Also, retirement!








Our 4th of July celebration will be quiet and uneventful as fireworks of ANY kind are banned (with the exception of STUPID Sturgis, they apparently have magical fireworks that produce non flammable sparks) in these parts: half the state is already burning…..there have been several days that you can smell smoke in the air, the sky is hazy, and at times it’s thick enough to burn your eyes if you stay outside long enough….

My neighborhood is notorious for elaborate fireworks displays, but so help me if I even hear a firecracker somebody’s is gonna have to remove my foot from their posterior! Despite the name, I prefer my Black Hills to be green as opposed to charred….

My first 2 days of official retirement have been completely free of stress and, I might say, productive! I filled an order for 4 bags on Monday, worked on laundry and some other little housewifely odds and ends. Yesterday I got up early (ugh, on a day when I swear I could have slept in til noon. Go figure) to drop the Pups off at the groomer before 8, went by the former place of employment to pick up something I had ordered, delivered the bag order and armed with a venti iced coffee from Starbucks I hit the thrift shops! I found some treasures I can work with and after picking up my nice clean smelling mutts came home to spend the afternoon blissfully covered in various colors of paint and a healthy coat of mod podge for the sanding dust to stick to!

Ahhhhhhhh…..it’s good to be me sometimes!

Hubs got home early and treated me to a matinee at the movies and cheap taco’s from my favorite fast food mexican joint (NOT Taco Bell).

Have I mentioned that my life is pretty dang good??? I did?? Ok, I won’t be redundant by telling you again…*insert cheesy grin here*

I hope you all have a great 4th of July, eat plenty of tasty grilled food and some extra juicy watermelon!



4 thoughts on “Hip Hip Hurray for the USA! Also, retirement!

  1. Grammy, I work part-time at a motorcycle dealership and I don’t even like motorcycles! So Sturgis would tick me off with all the hoopla, noise and yes the pop-pop of firecrackers, which I dealt with last night in my own neighborhood! What’s up with people getting their jollies with firecrackers? They aren’t even pretty! Just NOISY!

    I so understand your thrill about sewing and crafting. I’m in process of re-doing some clothes. I buy them, and of course, they don’t fit me because I’m so tall and thin, so I have to alter them, then I want to add all kinds of fun stuff. I don’t sell mine though, it’s just for MOI!

    Have a great 4th! We’re going to the Big Butler Fair–our family tradition for the last 16 years!

  2. Retirement sounds heavenly! And I wish we could have had a nice, quiet 4th but we live near an Indian reservation and they were shooting firecrackers till the wee hours this morning. I still had to come to work though 😦 after mere minutes of sleep (okay, probably 3 or 4 hours of sleep off an on but hours are made up of minutes!). Before all that though we had family over and spent a good part of the afternoon in the pool with the grandson, then barbecued and played cards. That part was nice.

    Pam – hope you had a great time at the fair!

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