Well here’s to 50!

I turned the big 50 yesterday and it was such a great day, I’d happily leave my 40’s behind all over again!

Stickin’ out her tongue is her new “thing”…:)













Saturday night Hubs took us all out for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. My Peanut was breaking all cute records ever set by cute babies all over the world, and much to my delight she’s completely fascinated by Kolton Joe whom I’ve betrothed her to, so that’s a lucky break! A fun night was had by all….

Yesterday morning I slept in (that’s a rare thing for me) and then Hubs took me out to brunch at another of my favorite spots, then proceeded to smoke up some amazing baby back ribs for my supper! I like this being spoiled business…. 🙂

Needless to say, my 50’s are off to a fantabulous beginning!

Today is my first day of liberation from gainful employment and I am NOT getting out of my jammies all day! I’m going to spend the day doing absolutely nothing but playing in my craft room and just chillin’ out….

It still hasn’t hit me yet, the whole I-don’t-have-a-job-anymore thing…right now I’m just feeling like an ornery kid who’s playing hookey. Wonder how long it will take before it sets in?? I’m thinking maybe next Thursday which would have been PAYDAY will be my reality check!

On the subject of my former job, (heehee!) my last day was damp….because I am a big blubbering baby. Too many nice gestures + too many hugs goodbye = a gigantic hot mess of a Grammy….’nuff said.

I’m thinking there may be some pallet wood/circular saw fun in my future today….demolition therapy!!

I’ve sold 10 bags so far, and none of those sales came from the shop. Hmmmm…..Maybe I need to rethink my keywords….any suggestions??

Here’s my latest creation:


Avery’s first 4th of July outfit!! I did NOT make the little t-shirt, or the teensy denim shorts….but I DID sew cute ribbon/rickrack on them!! Also made a cute bow for her hair which I forgot to take a picture of….I will however post a picture of her wearing said bow at a later date!

I am on a quest to baby proof my house now as nothing is safe from her chubby little fingers! She’s quick, and her 2 favorites things to investigate are A) the equipment on the entertainment console and B) the dog’s toy box….not her own toy box, apparently dog drool crusted bones and tennis balls are WAY MORE FUN! Little stinker…. 🙂

Whether you’re at home or at work, HAVE A FABULOUS MONDAY!! I know I will…..




7 thoughts on “Well here’s to 50!

  1. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    I have heard that the 50’s are fantabulous! I’ll be 47 on the 27th and I don’t miss my 30’s so I’m thinking the 50’s will be even better, you let me know!!

    You sold TEN bags! WOW! That’s awesome. Are you hooked up on LinkedIn? A lot of people use it, so it might give you more exposure. Or maybe a Facebook fan page for your store?


    • Nope, no Linkedin or FB pages….yet! My 40’s were spent correcting all the stuff I screwed up in my 30’s, I’m hoping my 50’s will be laid back and peaceful!!

  2. Wah!! I missed the birthday! I’m STILL trying to catch up on my blog reading…sigh. I’m so glad you had a great 50th Lori! My 50s have been all over the map but I’d still take them over my 30s any day! Happy Belated my friend!

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