Open for Biz!

My Etsy shop is open!

All Distressed Out by GramCrafter

I only have bags listed so far, but there are finished bags as well as a TON of custom options to choose from!

I’d list some other stuff but to be honest, I’m pooped…(but I’ll get to it soon)

And I have 3 custom bags to make (thanks Bambi-Lou)….

Also, I have my big ass Birthday to plan and Minions who need directions and my list of demands!

I have to compose said list of demands….

Plus, there’s the Peeps to torture at my soon-to-be-former work place with my nah-nah-nee-boo-boos and neener neeeners regarding my RETIREMENT!

Not to mention that with a high of 1-0-effin-7 yesterday, sweating has become a full time job. I’d like to retire from it also….

Ima bizzy girl…








This is my biz card I ordered so I can include one with the orders. What say you?? (They’re already ordered so please say you LOVE THEM!)


8 thoughts on “Open for Biz!

  1. I love them! And I’m not just saying that because you asked me to! The contrast between the bright flowers and the sort of watermark-style flowers is striking and the color choice just pops!

  2. OMG 107 at your place?? That’s so damn hot and I am glad its only in the 80’s here in sunny Cali:-)
    Love your little store and I cant wait to see what else your going to sell.

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