As my last day of employment draws closer, I’ve been contemplating my life more and more. And I’ve come to a conclusion, one that I’ve always known but have regretfully taken for granted in recent years….

I. Am. Blessed….

I’ve discussed my retirement and the reasons for it with an abundance of Peeps lately and that statement has been said to me repeatedly by my massage therapist, both my doctors, the phlebotomist that drew blood for my lab work, my physical therapist and the lady at Hancock’s that cut my fabric the other day….

It was immediately clear to all of them, why did it take having them point it out to me for me to think of it in those terms? I’ve admitted to myself that I’m “lucky” to have the life I have, I’ve chalked it up to good fortune, the payoff for years of hard work and honest living, kharma….I was wrong, it’s none of those things.

I. Am. Blessed. Plain and simple….

And I am Thankful. Immensely thankful for my life, for my family who make my life so gratifying, for having the financial stability to be able to do what’s best for my health when so many people have to continue working regardless of health issues much more serious than mine. Incredibly thankful for my home, my beloved pets, and for the comfort and peace of mind that all of these things and people give me….

I am blessed to have the opportunity to work for myself doing something I love even if a dinner date with my Hubs once a month is all it affords me! In just a few short days I’ll get to spend my time writing, and creating things that are fun, and pretty and maybe a little useful….I get to begin the life I’ve dreamed of living….

Y’all know I’m a Pinterest addict, and I’ve pinned more recipes and craft projects than I could make in 3 lifetimes but I’ve also found some great little pearls of wisdom there too. Case in point:














I am blessed, for I have a man who is still sexy AND handsome AND makes me laugh every single day, not to mention he tells me he loves me every morning and every night. He kisses me goodnight before he falls asleep, without fail…

No matter how crazy I get about something (and trust me, I can get pretty crazy!) he listens, gives insightful input and backs me up if needed. And when I’ve finished my rant he gives me a hug, because he knows that’s what I need. Saying he’s supportive doesn’t begin to do him justice….

And then there’s my girls… beautiful, sweet, stubborn, sassy, funny, endearing girls….They make me laugh, and cry, sometimes at the same time. And they also never fail to let me know they love Momma….I am blessed…

My Peanut….it’s a medical miracle we have her at all. I knew, I’ve always known that I would greatly love any Grandchild I had. But I was unprepared, literally unprepared for just how much I would adore this Baby. She fills my heart with such pure joy…I. AM. BLESSED.

My friends (you know who you are), the ones I can call in the middle of the night when Hubs is gone and I hear a noise. The ones I can call when I feel I’ve been unfairly treated, or my feelings have been hurt who will have only one thing to say: “Who’s ass do I need to kick??”. Those rare and beautiful friends who always know the right thing to say, even when they know it’s not what I want to hear. The ones who laugh with me, cry with me, share their lives with me and make me feel loved as only the best of friends can….I am blessed….

Hubs and I had a good talk today, just a random talk about life in general but it was good.We talked about how amazing it is to us that we’ve lived in South Dakota almost 7 years now and how much we love it here and about where we were financially those 7 years ago compared to where we are now, how settled and stable our lives are now as compared to then. He said “we were broke and struggling to pay the bills back then”, I answered with “yeah and we’re fixin’ to be broke again, but broke because the bills are paid” to which my incredibly intelligent husband replied “Not broke. We owe money on nothing but our home, we have money in savings, money in our I.R.A. That’s not broke, that’s doing good”…..and he’s right.












We’re doing good…and there’s nothing better than that.

Nothing at all….I am blessed. And I am grateful….


4 thoughts on “Blessed.

  1. You had to go and make me get all teary didn’t you? What a sweet post Lori! We don’t often stop and take a good look at our blessings but we should. Life – even with its ups, downs and sideways – is good. I’m gonna steal your Joanne Woodward quote, thanks for sharing that. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  2. Lori, I am SO happy for you! Not just because you ARE blessed, but because you realize it and are grateful! So many people having blessings but waste precious time wanting and wishing for something else.

    Enjoy it ALL my friend! You deserve it!

    I hart you!


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