Happy Dad’s Day Poppa!

My Hubs is the worlds most patient Dad….

He became a Dad 13 years ago, not with the birth of a sweet little ChubChub…nope, he became a Dad by marrying me and taking on not one but TWO teenage girls.

I think the fact that he’s clearly out of his mind is one of my favorite things about him!!


He loves us unconditionally. Laughs with us, cries with us and loves us even when we are at our worst and most unlovable….

We love him right back!

Thanks Honey, for everything….



10 thoughts on “Happy Dad’s Day Poppa!

  1. Both pictures are precious, but Peanut’s face in the first one and how he’s looking at her — adorable! Happy Fathers Day!

  2. Grammy, I can tell from your posts that Hubs is a very special guy and he just glows in those pictures–no wonder…surround by so many beautiful women! 😉

    You are a lucky lady indeed!

  3. I TOLD you I’d read all the posts I’ve missed and I’m getting there even if I am late. I so loved this Grammy; the photos just make the post, especially Peanut with her Grampa! So very sweet! You are blessed indeed!

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