Voting for the name of my Etsy shop continues….Here is the tally so far:

1. CramCrafter with 4 votes

2. Gram and Peanut’s General Store with 2 votes

3. AVery Crafty Grammy, and Grammy’s Crafty Attic each have 1 vote

Those are pretty weak numbers considering about 100 of you a day have read the post!


And if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, the info is HERE!

Those of you who haven’t chimed in yet are missing a golden opportunity to tell me what to do and run my life! THAT won’t happen again in this century!!! Unless I need another opinion on something and then it will so never mind……

16 more days of employment….I’m ready. I’m way ready!

Here, have some Peanut….

Hey Monkey! You hear me???

Princess Avery says "GO VOTE!"

Princess Avery says do it, so y’all better listen! You don’t want to get poofed into a frog…..



4 thoughts on “Vote…

  1. Six of my friends vote for GramCrafter.

    Go on, add them to the totals.

    I’ll know if you don’t.

    Wait, now seven of my friends….no, eight. Dangit, now they’re all raising their hands. Put down sixty-elebenty more votes for GramCrafter, please.

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