Y’all are so clever, there were some really cute names submitted for my Etsy shop! I’m really kinda glad I don’t have to choose…









So on Saturday I spent 5 hours sewing bags and cutting fabric and just having fun, and losing myself in general which is of course the reason I love being in there…but by the time Hubs drug me out of there forcibly I realized I was hurting. Gotta learn to pace myself down there…..*sigh*

Ok, here we go! One of these will be the name of my shop….leave your vote in the comments and at the end of the week I’ll tally up the votes and announce the winner, this is so exciting!

1. A Very Crafty Grammy

2. One Crafty Grammy

3. Grammy’s Bagatelles

4. GramBags

5. Grammy’s Crafty Attic

6. Grammy’s Goodies

7. GramCrafter

8. Gram’s Glams

9. Goods by Grammy

10.  Gram’s Goods

11. Greatness by Gram

12. Nooks & Crannies by Grammy

13. Grammy’s Garage

14. Gram’s Retirement Fund

15. Gram and Peanut’s General Store

See??? Great ideas!! Seriously, I’m glad I don’t have to pick one…  🙂  Some of these were submitted on my Facebook page and Twitter feed, and that’s ok! I would however, like to insist that all voting be done only as a Blog comment, just so everyone who submitted a name can go through the votes themselves and check my math, ‘cuz y’all know I suck at it….it’s ok, I won’t take it personally if I’m double checked!

And now, let’s play a little game of “Guess which one I am?”













If you guessed the love child of Daffy and Taz…you are correct!!

PS…18 days til I’m an old retired fart! Think my hair would look nice blue???


12 thoughts on “NAME THAT SHOP!

  1. I like gram and peanut’s general store and gramcrafter…. Can I vote twice? If not then I like the 1st one…. Or second, no no, 1st. Well poop see this is why I said both, just count one as Avery’s vote, k. Thanks love ya!

  2. I like more than one so I’m leaving more than one comment and since you didn’t specify that in your post, I don’t believe I’m breaking any rules!

    And if I am you can just yell at me. Then I’ll go cry in the corner.

    My first is AVery Crafty Grammy.


    • Dork. Voting 1000000000000 times for the same name is prohibited. Voting 100000000000 times for a different one each time is not. Cheater Head! This is why I wont play card games with you anymore!

  3. Man these are tough to choose between. I see what everyone else means. I have to go with GramCrafter though. I love the similarity to your blog name. Glad you’re feeling better Lori; don’t overdo! You’re almost retired now and you’re going to want to do a LOT of stuff so you need to take care of yourself so you can! Hugs!

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