I thought recouping would be fun. It’s not…

Well, the Dr. didn’t sneeze while inserting the needle in my back leaving me paralyzed so that’s a good thing…

On Thursday I mostly slept. Yesterday I was wide awake and itching to go play in my craft room. Hubs frowned at that suggestion. Daytime TV is boring for the most part although I did catch the movie “Bull Durham” in uncut form so that was a fun couple of hours. I gave myself a pedi, that killed an hour. I killed pigs on my phone….I read my book….I took a nap…all fine and dandy activities but not how I wanted to spend my day.

I wanna craft. Waaaaaaahhhhh.

I was also forbidden to participate in the Relay For Life last night, I haven’t missed that in years…Boo.

My 48 hours of “rest and do nothing strenuous” is up this morning, THANK GOD! Imma spend all day in my room, I got bags to make and stuff to glue and stamp and distress!!! Yippee! (I also have laundry to do which is not so fun but necessary).

Speaking of pedicures…are any of y’all on Pinterest?? Seen all those pics of that crazy nail art peeps are doing??

This is pretty but...gah what a mess I'd make of it.











Also pretty but looks like it requires more nail than I will ever have...









I'd sooooo love to put those little flowers on my toes but....










I mean, gorgeous but who has the time?? OK, I had the time but if I can manage not to cover my cuticles with polish, or pretty much keep from looking like I dipped my toes in polish I consider it a successful polish job…..I would have nothing but a hot mess on my hands (literally) if I tried something like this….

Oh well, I have sparkles on my toes, sparkles are cute right?!

I don’t get to have Peanut Day today, cuz I can’t pick her up which sucks big time…but her Mom is bringing her over for Sunday brunch so that’ll help…we’re also going with a couple of friends to see “Snow White and the Huntsman” in the afternoon, that’ll be fun!

21 more work days left! Whoot!!! Also, I sold my first bag this week, and she was happy with it so I reckon I have 100% customer satisfaction at this point! Double Whoot!!

Have y’all been thinking of names for my store?? You know you want to win that bag!







Tomorrow is the deadline for entry….we have some great suggestions so far, but I don’t want anybody to miss out (JO, KAT) 🙂

I’m also thinking about doing a button covered bag, I think that would be fun too…

So many ideas floating around in my noggin!!

Hubs brought home Chinese for supper, my fortune read “The troubles you have now will pass away quickly”…..man, I love it when I get a good fortune, I usually get something lame like “Some days it rains”…..

Have a great Week End!



One thought on “I thought recouping would be fun. It’s not…

  1. Grammy, so glad you survived the “needle”. Yikes! Back pain is the pits. Mine has been flaring something fierce this week. But it was self-inflicted. I over-did it. Two graduation ceremonies, an Eagle Scout ceremony and driving long hours to get to and from said events. But I can’t forgo seeing my nephew and nieces!

    Those nails are so pretty. I have LONG (fake) nails. But only do a french. It matches everything. You could get some nails and just glue them on for a special something. That way they are “temporary”. They have such pretty ones out there. They even have them for your toes now!

    Have fun crafting. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    Take it easy, and get well soon!

    Gentle hugs ((You))

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