When I grow up I want to be a bag lady….

I got me a hankering….

To be a bag lady!

I’m thinking of opening an Etsy store….and here’s one of the things I’m thinking of selling:


It’s a glorified, blinged out Tote! With a twist:


I put pockets in it! Ya, know…for your phone, keys…scissors for when you’re feeling stabbity…(although you might want to use slightly smaller scissors than I had handy when I took this picture if you’re going for a concealed weapon sneak attack…just sayin’)


And yes, I am aware that the pocket canvas doesn’t quite match the bag canvas….and I’m also aware that my rows are slightly crooked…this is my prototype. I promise I will correct all said imperfections when I list them for sale! I was in a hurry as I only had about an hour to work on it before I needed to get ready to go to Hub’s company picnic….BUT you’ll be the proud owner of an original, one of a kind fashion accessory!

Y’all are partially to blame for this, you kept telling me how crafty I was!

So here’s the give-a-way part….HELP ME PICK A NAME FOR MY STORE! It has to have the name Grammy or Gram in the title. It has to be clever, inventive, original. (No “Bags by Grammy” boring nonsense) I’ll have more than just bags, but not exactly sure what else I’ll have, but it will most likely involve my pallet wood and that stack of lumber I mentioned the other day in combination with mason jars and empty wine bottles….maybe some Altered Art pictures…maybe some of these:



















Here’s another example of the onesie, as modeled by my own Super Model…Peanut!

You don’t get to see the front as my model kept rolling over and crawling away….Super Models, they’re soooooo tempermental…

So anyhoo, submit your suggestion in the comments, when they’re all in I’ll put them in a post and y’all can vote on them! See? The fate of my store name rests solely in the hands of my loyal followers who encouraged me to be crafty in the first place!!! Then I’ll announce a winner and will notify them by email and get their mailing address. Let’s give it oh….say… until June 10th to get your entry in (unless y’all are simultaneously stricken with writers block in which case we’ll give it an extra week for those creative little imaginations to do their job!) and then the voting will begin!

No go forth and think me up a good store name!



13 thoughts on “When I grow up I want to be a bag lady….

  1. I’m thinkin’ GramBags…..you like grab bags but with Gram instead of grab….GramBags! Get it??? No??….ok *sigh*……back to the drawing board 😛

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