Today’s the day….

My last day of employment….

I have a multitude of emotions running through my brain….

There’s apprehension. Served up with a healthy dose of good old fashioned scared shitless…

Followed by a thoughtfulness, and a pondering of what lies ahead for me…..

And finally, slightly dubious elation….

Doubt, fear, and apprehension are still lingering in there a bit. I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s going to be OK, we’re not going to go broke, lose our house, end up sleeping in Hubs truck, or pushing a shopping cart around town with a cardboard sign reading “Idiot who gave up her job in a terrible economy. Will craft for food

Yesterday went smoothly, and after getting up from my chair to accept a delivery in the warehouse, I came back to my desk to find an anonymous going away card with a $20 gift card to Starbucks enclosed! The card was simply signed “Good Luck”…I promptly sent out a blanket THANK YOU to the entire office and spent the rest of the day with a big grin on my face!

Also, BigBossMan interviewed someone for my position. I gotta be honest and say it made me a little sad…

*Deep Breath*

Here I go….


My final days, Part 1….

I started counting down the days until my last day at work a month ago…..

Now that it’s almost here, it feels weird. I feel like I’m going on vacation and I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet that I’m not coming back…I’ve never left a job without having another one lined up, I usually leave the old one on Friday and start the new one on Monday. Wait…. Now that I think about that statement it’s not entirely true, when we moved from Florida to South Dakota 7 years (almost) ago I did not have a job lined up at the end of our long, long move. I took a 4 month sabbatical to get my bearings, chill out from the stress of moving and just settle in, NOT going back to work was NEVER on the table.

So, for the next couple of days I’m going to chronicle my final days as a productive member of societyย  gainfully employed person, starting with yesterday. The day of my exit interview ….meh he he. To say that I am not the favorite human on the planet of the HR person would be an understatement of epic proportions! I was emailed an exit interview questionnaire to be completed and brought to the interview. Here’s the gist of it:

Lesson 1: Never Ask Me a Question You Don’t Want To Hear The Answer To:

1. Explain specifically why you have chosen to leave the Company.

Because of the lack of support given by HR in regard to my back injury, I felt that leaving my job was the only option available to me.

2. What has been your favorite thing about working for the Company?

I’ve enjoyed the laid back environment.

3. What has been your LEAST favorite thing about working for the Company?

******* **** (names the loud annoying co-worker, y’all know the one!)

4. What would have to change in order for you to come back?

******* ****(Again lists the Loud One’s name) and better employee advocacy from HR.

She spent the remaining interview time arguing with me about why I shouldn’t name her actions (or lack of) as the major reason I’m leaving. It was an exercise in futility on her part….

“It wasn’t my fault, I was only doing what I could with the information given to me” “You shouldn’t put this on me” “I did nothing wrong” “You should have informed me your situation was so bad” “No one told me anything”…blah blah blahdiddy blah. She got particularly agitated when I answered her by saying:

You failed to ever follow up with me after you were first made aware of my back issues in January. No effort was made to make my work environment less strenuous on my back by examining the ergonomics of my desk, or by offering to let me work less hours or by offering to take the warehouse duties off of me temporarily to give my back time to heal. In the 5 months since my original injury occurred I’ve received no correspondence from you inquiring about my recovery after either of my spinal procedures, nor did you ever request an update on my condition from either of my Physicians. My only contact from you was to give me a stack of FMLA paperwork to give my Dr. and if you haven’t received those forms back from him, I have no control over that. In fact you rejected the most recent recommendation from my Orthopedist to lift nothing over 10 pounds, and to limit sitting, bending, squatting, twisting and stooping as you felt the form it was written on was not informative enough for you. During the meeting concerning FMLA you repeatedly brought up the negative balance of my PTO account even though it had no relevance to my filing a request for FMLA since FMLA is unpaid leave. I felt I was being punished for being injured.”

And that’s when the interview ended…She had nothing else to say except to give me COBRA paperwork and my options concerning my 401K.

I was told by my Supervisor when I gave notice 3 1/2 weeks ago that the HR person in particular wasn’t happy about my blog post from last month that mentioned her. The one where I said I didn’t care if my employers read what I had to say, I would gladly say the same things to them given the opportunity but apparently she didn’t read that part because guess what???


What the hell did she expect me to say??? That everything was all sunshine and puppies? I wouldn’t be leaving if that were the case. In the end I thanked her for her timeย  and left the conference room smiling. She on the other hand, left the room in a much more foul mood than she was in when she got there. Oh well….sometimes the truth is painful.

I’m kind of in love with this saying, probably because it fits my life at the moment perfectly….









On a more pleasant note, I love that both of my girls have inherited the crafty gene from me and my Dearly Departed Mama….it would have made her so proud to see them become the crafty women she always knew they could be!

Lets all hope for my last 2 days to be upbeat and uneventful!


Open for Biz!

My Etsy shop is open!

All Distressed Out by GramCrafter

I only have bags listed so far, but there are finished bags as well as a TON of custom options to choose from!

I’d list some other stuff but to be honest, I’m pooped…(but I’ll get to it soon)

And I have 3 custom bags to make (thanks Bambi-Lou)….

Also, I have my big ass Birthday to plan and Minions who need directions and my list of demands!

I have to compose said list of demands….

Plus, there’s the Peeps to torture at my soon-to-be-former work place with my nah-nah-nee-boo-boos and neener neeeners regarding my RETIREMENT!

Not to mention that with a high of 1-0-effin-7 yesterday, sweating has become a full time job. I’d like to retire from it also….

Ima bizzy girl…








This is my biz card I ordered so I can include one with the orders. What say you?? (They’re already ordered so please say you LOVE THEM!)



As my last day of employment draws closer, I’ve been contemplating my life more and more. And I’ve come to a conclusion, one that I’ve always known but have regretfully taken for granted in recent years….

I. Am. Blessed….

I’ve discussed my retirement and the reasons for it with an abundance of Peeps lately and that statement has been said to me repeatedly by my massage therapist, both my doctors, the phlebotomist that drew blood for my lab work, my physical therapist and the lady at Hancock’s that cut my fabric the other day….

It was immediately clear to all of them, why did it take having them point it out to me for me to think of it in those terms? I’ve admitted to myself that I’m “lucky” to have the life I have, I’ve chalked it up to good fortune, the payoff for years of hard work and honest living, kharma….I was wrong, it’s none of those things.

I. Am. Blessed. Plain and simple….

And I am Thankful. Immensely thankful for my life, for my family who make my life so gratifying, for having the financial stability to be able to do what’s best for my health when so many people have to continue working regardless of health issues much more serious than mine. Incredibly thankful for my home, my beloved pets, and for the comfort and peace of mind that all of these things and people give me….

I am blessed to have the opportunity to work for myself doing something I love even if a dinner date with my Hubs once a month is all it affords me! In just a few short days I’ll get to spend my time writing, and creating things that are fun, and pretty and maybe a little useful….I get to begin the life I’ve dreamed of living….

Y’all know I’m a Pinterest addict, and I’ve pinned more recipes and craft projects than I could make in 3 lifetimes but I’ve also found some great little pearls of wisdom there too. Case in point:














I am blessed, for I have a man who is still sexy AND handsome AND makes me laugh every single day, not to mention he tells me he loves me every morning and every night. He kisses me goodnight before he falls asleep, without fail…

No matter how crazy I get about something (and trust me, I can get pretty crazy!) he listens, gives insightful input and backs me up if needed. And when I’ve finished my rant he gives me a hug, because he knows that’s what I need. Saying he’s supportive doesn’t begin to do him justice….

And then there’s my girls… beautiful, sweet, stubborn, sassy, funny, endearing girls….They make me laugh, and cry, sometimes at the same time. And they also never fail to let me know they love Momma….I am blessed…

My Peanut….it’s a medical miracle we have her at all. I knew, I’ve always known that I would greatly love any Grandchild I had. But I was unprepared, literally unprepared for just how much I would adore this Baby. She fills my heart with such pure joy…I. AM. BLESSED.

My friends (you know who you are), the ones I can call in the middle of the night when Hubs is gone and I hear a noise. The ones I can call when I feel I’ve been unfairly treated, or my feelings have been hurt who will have only one thing to say: “Who’s ass do I need to kick??”. Those rare and beautiful friends who always know the right thing to say, even when they know it’s not what I want to hear. The ones who laugh with me, cry with me, share their lives with me and make me feel loved as only the best of friends can….I am blessed….

Hubs and I had a good talk today, just a random talk about life in general but it was good.We talked about how amazing it is to us that we’ve lived in South Dakota almost 7 years now and how much we love it here and about where we were financially those 7 years ago compared to where we are now, how settled and stable our lives are now as compared to then. He said “we were broke and struggling to pay the bills back then”, I answered with “yeah and we’re fixin’ to be broke again, but broke because the bills are paid” to which my incredibly intelligent husband replied “Not broke. We owe money on nothing but our home, we have money in savings, money in our I.R.A. That’s not broke, that’s doing good”…..and he’s right.












We’re doing good…and there’s nothing better than that.

Nothing at all….I am blessed. And I am grateful….


Greetings from the Land of Twitch…

Good Morning!

There is only one accurate word in that opening sentence….it is morning (barely). It ain’t good. I should be snoozing….

But instead I’m twitching.

‘Cuz apparently that’s my thing now.

I’m TwitchyGirl. Somebody make me a friggin’ cape….


Also, Grrrrrrrr.

But I figure since it’s 12:48 in the a.m. and I’m up, I might as well be productive. I can only do so many warrior poses and sun salutations (that’s yoga-talk for standing like an idiot in the middle of your living room at midnight, arms outstretched, feet shoulder width apart and one knee bent while you try not to fall the f*ck over. In the case of the sun salutation it’s more like reaching up, up, up for the ceiling then while exhaling bending over to touch your toes and not falling on your head while wondering when your damn toes got soooooo far away). I’m hoping that the sound of my own narration inside my head will bore the piss out of me and put me to sleep….

So what have I been up to the last couple of days besides twitching you ask?

I’ll tell ya….

I been crafting. Chef Vivi says she’s been having Craftapalooza at her house, and I liked that phrase so being the consummate plagiarist that I am, I’m stealing it…she can sue me if she wants, but since I’m about to be unemployed I doubt she gets much, although she has had her eye on my set of power tools…

Here’s what I’ve made lately:



























































The first and last ones where custom orders that’s I’ve already sold, the middle two were for my Daughters. All are being used as models for the shop….I have another order to fill, this one is red and black.

And worked on these:

























































These are fridge magnets for wallet size pictures….there’s an acrylic sheet in the little photo pocket to protect the photo.

I’m pricing the bags at $25 (that includes shipping costs) and I’m thinking $5 (includes shipping costs) on the magnets. What say you, good and faithful followers?

Also did this for Avery but thinking of doing a couple in different colors for the shop if I can find the frames cheap:

It’s for holding her hair bows, they clip to the ribbon. I actually had this frame from back in my oil painting days. A can of spray paint and some ribbon are magical things!

In between crafting I’ve had a couple ofย  Dr. appointments (blah), a haircut (yay), squeezed in a few hours of work a day (8 more work days to the big R!) and cooked suppers for the Hubs….also watched some TVย  (anyone watch the debut of the newly retooled “Dallas”? I’m undecided if I like it or not) and finished one book (“The Swan House”, good storyline but containing a lot of “I found the Lord” business), and started another (“Deadlocked”, the newest installment in the Sookie Stackhouse aka, True Blood series). These two books could not be more diametrically opposed!

I need sushi. (Just a random thought that popped in my head. That happens at 1 in the morning. It’s the sleep deprivation)

I’m stealing my Peanut for a trip to get ice cream after work today, I miss her! I’m lucky she has an understanding Mommy….

Still twitching, dammit…..