And now I have a big pile of wood…

Did I mention that Hubs is building a storage shed?

There’s a lot of scrap lumber left over….

I’ve gathered it into a neat stack…

It’s waiting for me…

I have plans. BIG plans for that pile of wood. I just have to figure out how to bring said plans to life.

Did I sound like Dr. Frankenstein right there?? I did, didn’t I? MWAH HA HA!!!

I ain’t a carpenter. I have power tools that I have no operational knowledge of. But I have them…cuz I have plans…

Plans. All I have is plans….I plan to do this, I plan to do that. I plan to take action and change my life. Then common sense logic takes over and I start to second guess my plans that I have worked out so carefully on paper.

Don’t ya hate when your head and your heart get into a pissing contest?? Happens to me all the time….

Is there such a thing as being cautiously impulsive?? ‘Cuz that’s me. To a T…

So while cranial/pulmonary wars wage, here’s what’s been going on in my refuge: The Craft Room:

"my love....if i could choose again i'd still choose you"

I was in a sappy mood that day…but it’s the truth…

I brought home a bag of shells from Florida…

So I made these….

I’m totally into finding junk at flea markets and figuring out how to glue stuff to it….The one of me and Hubs smooching on the beach is one of a set of 5 old serving trays that I paid $1.98 for the whole set. I spray painted it….and the one with the shells was this folding table thingie that fit over the arm of a chair. I took the hinges and the folding parts off and spray painted it too….it cost me a buck fifty…

So this pile of wood……and all these plans swimming around in my noggin….what to do, what to do???

This was just fun for me…

I think I want to try making some frames and making them look all old and distressed with part of that wood pile. Maybe try selling them on Etsy….I actually found this one for $.50 at a junk shop….

Or something along those lines. I want to make stuff to sell. I think….

 Here’s the latest addition to the Craft Room. I had this old wood shipping crate hanging around the house for years so I had Hubs mount it to the wall to use as a book case. The shelf was one of those 80’s treasures with the heart cut out, remember that “country” trend?? Well I hated it. So I traced the heart shape onto cardboard and cut it out, layered it in the heart to fill it in til the cardboard was flush with the wood and glued it in good! Then I decoupaged over it! Wah la, no more country heart! I also replaced the shaker pegs with 15 inch wood dowels to hold my spools of ribbon and scissors….

Damn I’m clever….

Except for that wood pile….I’m not feeling so clever in regards to that wood pile….

My head is full to the brim….now I just need time to sort it all out.

I have plans for that….

Oh, and here’s Peanut saying “Gram, leave me alone and let me eat this book”



6 thoughts on “And now I have a big pile of wood…

  1. Well if your wood-pile-swimmy-head ideas are anything like your photo boards, shelves and table thingie, you will have treasures galore! My you ARE creative as all get out! I’m SO jealous 😉

    Do they have edible books? Berra could use some of those…

  2. Wonderful! You’re so crafty I want to BE you! The closest I get to crafty is knitting and crocheting and I can’t even do that any more with my carpal tunnel. 😦

    Whatever you end up doing with the wood I know it will be FABULOUS! That’s just how you roll!

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