So, what’s up Chuck?

Tired of me whining about my back yet?? Yes? Too bad!!

It hurts….some days A LOT. As in it hurts to take a deep breath….

Some days it stays at a level manageable by my drugs…

Those are the good days, and drugs are my friends!!

But life goes on, and I’m not so self-centered (shut it, I AM NOT!) that I don’t realize there’s more important stuff going on in the universe. (who knew??) Stuff like my new phone and my lack of operational knowledge of it…

I got a smart phone. My first. And as I’m too cheap to spend more than $100 bucks on a dang phone, it’s not the latest or greatest version….It’s a Droid 2. I want to text on my phone, (does anyone actually TALK on a cell phone anymore??) take the occasional picture, check Facebook (since it’s blocked at work) and yes dammit, I want to play all the fun games that Hubs and my girls play together and talk about! I want Angry Birds! I want Draw Something! I want Instagram!

It’s a good thing I don’t want to do much else because I can’t figure it out anyway…I only know the few things I know because Hubs gave me a brief tutorial….(Yes, my phone came with user manuals. A big whopping stack of them. Yes, I can read. Your point?) I don’t like to read stuff like that, I’m like a kid studying for a test, I zone out after the first paragraph (if I even get THROUGH the first paragraph) and then I start seeing a bunny over here and something shiny over there and “oh look, a penny!”…..I can’t learn from a manual, I gotta learn by watching somebody else. I’m A.D.D….(seriously, I am…)

So I muddle through ’til I either figure it out, find someone to show me, or say f*ck it…

Instagram…….somebody teach me. I created my account, I figured out how to apply the filters but I can’t figure out how to undo some of the other effects, or what exactly the other effects do.

I is technologically challenged.

I love Draw Something, it’s my new addiction….if you’re on Facebook, find me and lets play!!! I giggle. Out loud. Which makes it hard to play incognito at work…..jus’ sayin’….

I enjoy the games I can play at work when I’m bored…(Yes, Mr/Mrs BossPerson if you’re reading this I am frequently bored while at work. No, I don’t need any more dang duties to keep me busy. I didn’t say I didn’t have anything to do, I said I was bored. There’s a difference….I just don’t want to do the tasks I should be doing!) I’m particularly enjoying a Word Search app I found. If you have a fave, share it with me!

If anyone knows of a good app for making simple shopping lists etc for Droid, let me know. I’ve tried 2 and they’re way too complicated for “stop and get a bag of chips on your way home”….Simple. Simple is key….

I also changed my Internet browser. (I know, lots of changes. Pure insanity for a girl who is resistant to change) I’ve always used Internet Explorer because I’m a big chicken and a firm believer that one wrong move on my part and my laptop will spontaneously combust and all will be lost. Panic attacks will insue. I break out in a cold sweat at the thought of a crashed computer. However, a few weeks ago I got reckless brave and switched to Google Chrome. HATED IT. At least once a day it would tell me it couldn’t open my blog’s admin page….irritating. But this morning I said “WTF how bad can it be?” took a deep breath and downloaded Firefox. LOVE IT. L.O.V.E. Granted, I’ve only had it for a day but man is it zippity quick! It kept all my favorites, my bookmarks, toolbar and homepage and so far hasn’t given me any grief about being unable to open any of the pages I regularly frequent or any other such bullshit….

I love it when I don’t implode my laptop….

My Hubs is building a storage shed this weekend. I use the term “shed” lightly because this thing is going to be more soundly built than my house…I’m not even kidding! He’s been planning it for months, he’s seriously like a little kid the week before Christmas….Since I can’t do much to help, and I can’t cut stuff with my new circular saw (grrrrr) I think Peanut and I will play in the dirt and pot up some flowers for the deck….more on that later!

What’s new, interesting, titillating, fascinating, or dull, boring, same ‘ol same ‘ol with y’all?? Whatcha reading? The last book I finished was “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”  by our beloved Bloggess, Chef Vivi and I both started it on the trip to Florida. And we both laughed aloud and made Peeps think we were demented….Bonus!

Oh, here’s my first and only Instagram photo:

I like the vintage looks it makes! Hubs is generally unimpressed, the artsy-fartsyness of it is lost on him, he just thinks it looks out of focus. Peanut’s Mommy thinks it makes her look creepy because it made her eyes so dark. They’re both weird….It’s a perfect look for my altered art projects!

I got big stuff in the works. BIG. HUGE. Details coming soon. I promise!



2 thoughts on “So, what’s up Chuck?

  1. Oh my. I think I might be with Peanut’s Mom on this one Lori. Those eyes are a little bit creepy. If Peanut wasn’t smiling I’d be very afraid. But I can definitely see the fun possibilities in Instagram.

    I don’t have a smart phone (well I guess it was once but it’s been lobotomized and only handles texts and calls now). So when I want to remind myself to pick something up on the way home I set the alarm to go off about the time I get to the car at the train station. There isn’t room for a long list but it will catch me before I turn toward home and usually I have a list in my purse.

    We use Firefox at home and Hubs really likes it. I think my aversion is because I use an old version Explorer at work (shakes fist at Powers That Be) and going from one to the other can boggle my mind. Sigh.

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