Blah Blah Blahdiddy Blah…

It appears that my last post as stirred up a fair amount of controversy…and in light of that I’d like to pose a question to y’all since a good number of you are Bloggers too…

Actually, I’d like to pose a few questions…

1. Do you write your Blog anonymously or do you (like me)  just put your stuff out there and let the chips fall where they may?

2. If you don’t hide the fact that you’re a Blogger from friends/family/co-workers, have you suffered backlash from it?

I’ve never hidden the fact that I write a Blog from anyone, if I wanted to hide it I certainly would not “share” my posts on Facebook. And as I’ve mentioned before, I have from time to time regretted that loss of anonymity. Having said that, I have no regrets about anything I’ve ever written and published. I write what is in my heart, my feelings are what they are and quite frankly, I’ll be damned if I’m going to censor myself on my own Blog. We’ve had that discussion before so I’m not going to rehash it now…

It has been said to me “Most of the time, speaking your mind makes things worse”. In light of that here’s my next set of questions:

3. Do you feel that speaking your mind about things that bother you makes the situation worse, or better?

4. Is speaking your mind to the “webiverse” for ALL to see (including those you are speaking your mind about) better or worse than complaining behind said person’s back amongst a group of like-minded peers?

I have never and will never master the art of smiling on the outside while seething with anger or disdain on the inside. Unfortunately, whatever I feel is usually quite visible on my face, which is why I don’t play poker! I know people who can appear to be super friendly to someone that they secretly loath. And it’s always made me wonder, if they can fake it so well to one person, how do I know they’re not also faking it with me? How do you ever really know where you stand with a person who has such great acting skills?

I know, I know, it’s called diplomacy…I have some up to a point, but when I truly and honestly don’t like someone or am unhappy with a situation I cannot hide it. I’ve tried…I’m transparent….

It has also been brought to my attention that ” when you post it on the world wide web for everyone to see there will be consequences ” in this particular instance, the consequence being referred to is unemployment.

Which poses my next query:

5. Whether you are a Blogger or not, do you think that someone should be fired from their job for what they write on their personal Blog? And does it matter if names have been omitted?

(Now, to clarify, If I write “I work for *gives name* located at *lists address* and I’m here to tell you, that place is a crap dump of what passes for humanity. Never, ever, ever buy their product!” Then yes, by all means that would probably be grounds for dismissal.)

Or would it??

6. Does venting about a co-worker online qualify as an offense worthy of termination? How about venting about a supervisor, or just complaining about your employer in general?

7. (For my fellow Bloggers) Why do you Blog? What do you get out of it?

When I started this Blog last summer I intended it to be a cheerful little life/food Blog patterned after my beloved PW. I promptly found out that food blogging is a lot of work….and it never really satisfied my soul. Also, to be perfectly honest, didn’t attract a lot of followers. Then one day I wrote my first tongue-in-cheek satirical post and the followers came in droves! Which says to me that the general public would rather read about me bitching than cooking!! It also added quite a bit of pressure to keep coming up with that kind of post, and keeping those kind of numbers, which was just as exhausting as a daily food blog.

I didn’t need another full time job so after a couple of months it morphed again. This time into writing more of what I felt or what was going on in my life and less of a useful “how-to” type of Blog. And the more “cyber” friends I gain through  it, (cyber or not, they are my friends, as real and as genuine as any others I have) the more I write as if speaking (ok, venting) to a friend because that’s exactly what it feels like….I no longer worry about how many visitors I get in a day or how popular a post is (or isn’t) and discovered that this is the style that calms me and feeds my soul. When I check on it after posting, I go straight to the comments to see what my friends have had to say because that’s what matters to me now…

I don’t defend what I write to anyone I may offend, I don’t feel I need to. Nor will I apologize for it. And by the same token, I don’t expect anyone to feel they need to apologize to me for any negative comments they make concerning one of my posts. I believe everyone has the right to voice their own opinion even if it’s in direct opposition to my own. It’s called Freedom of Speech…I have the choice as the sole administrator of my Blog to not even approve the comments left on a post, and if I chose to I could approve only the ones that were all sunshine and puppies. I don’t. I approve them all (with the exception of the Spam ones, which is the only reason I filter at all) good bad or ugly because sometimes the differences of opinions spark a whole other topic (as it did in this case) which is fun in and of itself… 

I’m fortunate that I don’t work because I have to. My salary is fun money for Hubs and I, it buys the extras that we want without having to stick to a budget which is why I have contemplated being a stay-at-home-wife off and on for the last year. Every time I whine “I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow, whahhhhh” my Hubs responds with “Don’t”…. Point being, if I get fired over speaking my mind about a co-worker whom I didn’t name but everyone recognized just from my description of her demeanor (which kind of validates my opinion of her, does it not?) then all I have to say to my (former) employer is this: Thank You. Thank You for making up my mind about early retirement and taking my happy ass off the proverbial fence…

I’m proud of my little Blog, and grateful for the new friends it has brought me that I would never have known without it. I’m also thankful for the sense of emotional release it has provided me. And that, my Peeps, is all that matters.

Ok, your turn! Spout off in the comments, answer my questions, pose new ones of your own, GIVE THE REST OF US YOUR OPINION! Because all opinions are valued here at….

Have no fear,  this old Grammy will just keep on writing, and venting and blabbing! And occasionally whining….



9 thoughts on “Blah Blah Blahdiddy Blah…

  1. 1. I put it all out there. My blog, my opinions.
    2. No backlash, but that’s because my family isn’t interested enough to read it.
    3. Speaking my mind makes me feel better. I consider my blog a great catharsis.
    4. That is a multi-layered question. In YOUR situation, I feel that you did nothing wrong. (Pretty hard to communicate with someone who doesn’t talk to you)
    5. No, they should not be fired unless they slandered the company by naming names or giving out sensitive information. A company does not have the right to infringe upon the privacy of their employees.
    6. No, no, and no.
    7. Too long of an answer for me to post here…

    I posted about this yesterday. I did so because there was a comment made on a public forum that was so full of hypocrisy that it just pissed me off. It was a fine example of what I consider “how not to behave on a public forum”. I also apologized for any unintentional hurt I may have caused to the friend, beloved friend, that I was referring to, without names, because I do not wish to further the controversy.
    That being said, I also think that this is not truly a controversy, merely a difference of opinion. Since my opinion is quite strong, I did my best to be diplomatic. That does not mean that I was successful, but I did my best.
    Love and stewpots,

    • LOVE AND STEWPOTS!!! Thank you for that giggle!! And your support. And your friendship. And that lovely, dry, quirky sense of humor you have! 🙂

  2. 1. Incognito. What can I say? I’m a wuss. There are a couple of friends and co-workers who know about the blog but I doubt they’ve even read it. My main fear is that the fam will stumble on it and if it named names the related karma would kick my ass. Hell, if they found it and even guessed it was about them I’d be toast. Yup, WUSS right here, in da house. I’m not proud of it but I have to live with these people dang it.

    2. Not applicable since it’s well established that I’m a wuss.

    3. Speaking my mind helps me. Even when I don’t speak my mind directly to someone I’m having issues with. I think speaking my mind has a way of helping me view the situation from a different place. It becomes a kind of relief valve and takes some of the pressure off so I don’t explode.

    4. I can’t answer this one. Better? Worse? If you’re not naming them and not telling lies about them how does it really matter?

    5. Barring the revelation of a company’s trade secrets I say absolutely not! Employers can control what you do on the clock but your private life is your private life dang it!

    6. Merely venting – no, not worthy of termination.

    7. Wow, I get so much from blogging it’s hard to synopsize it for a comment. I’ve met wonderful virtual friends. I’ve made some folks laugh – my favorite part I think. I learn something new almost daily. It allows me to exercise and explore a part of myself that I thought was lost.

    I don’t think you did anything wrong, it’s your blog after all.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I’m sorry but I’m going to need you to clarify one little thing for me….are you a wuss?? You weren’t very clear on that point….:)

  3. 1. Sort of anonymously. I mean, if anyone really wanted to expend the time and effort, they could figure out my actual name and such. This is why I have a cloaking device on the Death Star.
    2. I don’t so much hide the blogging from coworkers and family as just not tell them diddly squat. I’ve gone to great lengths, actually, to convince my coworkers I’m damn near Amish when it comes to these newfangled computer machines. And my family is mostly uninterested in computer entertainments (I KNOW! All that midget dolphin porn going to waste!).
    3. I don’t speak my mind OUT LOUD very often. Inside, I scream a lot.
    4. Blogging it out is better, to my mind, than taking the chance someone you
    actually speak to about any assorted twatwaffle is going to cheerily run tattling to the twatwaffle, thereby making themselves out to be a tattle-twat.
    Gawd, I love English.
    5. Outside of real criminal activities, such as underage porn, unjustified murder, or running for public office, no one should be fired for doing anything in their private life. Hence the term “private life.”
    6. Again, the whole “private” thing. 1st Amendment rights. Opinions. None of corporate’s bizness. STFU, Bossman.
    7. I blog because my brain will explode if I don’t. I have far too much I want to say and being the kind, sweet person I am (shut the fuck up, you buttmunches who disagree. I have the talking stick now), I don’t like to bother “real” people with my babble. I realize this implies my readers are lesser beings than “real” people. Not true (mostly)(again, not who you think I mean, gawd, it’s all me me me with you, isn’t it?). I just figure readers are there by their own actions, however misguided, and “real” people with “real” ears can be held hostage, trapped in a tangle of twatwaffly tattle. Again, loving the English language.

  4. Just typed a big long comment answering all your questions, then lost it when I tried to publish. Ain’t got the energy or time to rewrite it, so just keep on blogging Grammy – exercise that freedom of speech, a main reason why I love America.

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