And the hits keep coming…

Y’all bear with me on this one, it was written over the course of several drugged up days. I tend to ramble when on pain killers…. 

So. Guess what my body decided would be a fun little addition to my “oh my aching back” woes??

Strep Throat….

In a feeble attempt to limit my ability to whine?? It’s a damn conspiracy I tell ya and my body is the ringleader….

Along with being barely able to move, I developed a sore throat Monday afternoon and just thought I had picked up Avery’s cold. (Cuz I smooched her, runny nose and all) By Tuesday I had lost my voice and by Wednesday morning I knew something was up when that nagging itch in the back of my throat caused a major coughing fit which caused me to cough out some bloody spittle. Yuck, right??

Since it’s virtually impossible to get an appointment with my Primary Care Dr in less than 3 weeks, I went to the walk-in clinic where the nice old fella with the stethoscope stuck a tongue depressor down my throat and said, “Your throat is raw, that must be painful”….GENIUS.

My condition was apparently obvious as he didn’t even bother to run the normal strep test, just sent me home with a Zpak, and orders to take it easy and try not to put any strain on my throat…like whining.

The next day I had my appointment with the “back” doctor who informs me that yes, I do need another injection but I can’t get it while I’m on antibiotics. Who knew?? So we scheduled it for 2 weeks out and gave me a paper to give to whom it may concern at work saying no lifting over 10 pounds, no bending or stooping, no sitting for extended periods and to try to control my stress level in the meantime.


Ok, I wrote all of the above on Thursday. There were quite a few more paragraphs that were very negative because I got a phone call from HR asking me to provide proof that I had actually been ill for 4 days and had seen a doctor. Which THOROUGHLY PISSED ME OFF! So I took  my unhappy ass in to work on Friday even though I still felt like hammered shit (as opposed to regular shit). I had one person ask me if I was ok, did I feel better etc. ONE. Not my supervisor, not the ones I sit by…hurt my feelers so I pouted the majority of the day. And then I just said “F*CK Y’ALL AND YOUR SELF-CENTERED ASSES! (But only to myself). I had to remind myself that I’m supposed to be letting go of all this negative junk. I had to remind myself REPEATEDLY as I wasn’t listening to myself, I was ignoring me ‘cuz pouting seemed like the thing to do until I yelled at ME and gave myself a good talking to and then I straightened up my attitude cuz I didn’t want to get in trouble from myself again. I’m a scary Bitch….and while I couldn’t take back all the negative feelings I had, I did choose not to publish them. It’s all part of the “letting go” THING.

However….I do want to express my discontent over just one more situation and then I’m done. I swear! And this is it:

While laid up, I texted back and forth with my coworker/friend (we’ll call her the good one) who is also laid up (with the blown out ear drum) and we decided it would be a nice gesture to send a thank you gift of gourmet chocolates to our other co-worker (We’ll call her the EEville one. You remember her, I’ve complained about her ad nauseum) who had to cover my duties and part of the good one’s. We felt bad that she was having to do extra work with both of us out of commission and just thought it would put a smile on her face. Cuz we’re friggin nice people….We heard nothing from her after it was delivered. I texted the evil one to let her know I’d be back at work the next day  and to thank her again for pitching in during my absence. (Like she has a choice but I still thought it was a nice gesture on my part)  Her reply?… “K”…And once I got to work Friday?? NADA. ZIP. ZILCH. Bitch didn’t even acknowlege that she got a gift. Thirty two dollars worth of hand made truffles and she can’t even manage a polite thank you, nor did she share with anyone else in the office. She did not even speak to me all day. She was punishing me for being sick and injured I suppose….All I have to say about that is I hope those friggin’ truffles gave her A) a raging case of the runny poops, B) I hope every ounce multiplies itself by 1000 and shows up right on her ass til she looks like Professor Clump from the Nutty Professor, and C) I hope all that chocolate gives her about 20 BIG HONKING ZITS.

 Nope, not bitter. Not in the least….:)

I’m telling y’all, this positive attitude crap is a lot of damn work…I’m pretty sure I do not have a firm grasp on the concept yet but I’m hoping that maybe by recognizing that I had negative feelings and not allowing myself to wallow in them for days as I normally would  is a start?? Hell if I know, but dammit I’m trying….Learning to blow sunshine out of my butt is not an easy task…

The good news is the Dr said once I’d been on my antibiotics for 24 hours I wouldnt be contagious anymore so I still get to have Peanut Day THANK GOD! And even though the other Dr. said no lifting anything over 10 pounds, I’m pretty sure picking up Grandbabies who weigh closer to 20 pounds is an automatic exemption to that rule… 

I really want to try to cut up a pallet with my new circular saw. I read somewhere that demolition is a great stress reliever! But as that would involve lifting, bending and stooping I reckon I’ll just glue stuff in the craft room, that’s relaxing too…

And so my good peeps I leave you with this one little morsel of positive thinking. Something to keep in mind and that will hopefully help you remain positive through some troubling times:




10 thoughts on “And the hits keep coming…

  1. Oh Lori, you poor baby! Back problems AND strep! I wish I was close enough to bring you some chicken soup! You know the story about chicken soup right? Jewish penicillin. At a Jewish funeral this old lady in the back interrupts the eulogy by yelling, “Give him some chicken soup! Give him some chicken soup!” The man at the podium stares at her and says, “It wouldn’t help.” She shrugs back and says, “It wouldn’t hurt.”

    I hope you’re smiling (NOT laughing, don’t want to hurt your throat OR your back!).

    I so understand the desire to acknowledge the Evil One’s help and it’s really too bad she couldn’t be bothered to appreciate it. The team of secretaries I work with is awesome. If one of us is out the others all pick up one of her (or his) attorneys to provide backup. It’s worked for years and everyone appreciates the help so I don’t get why she couldn’t at least recognize your effort when you and the Good One tried to say thank you. That’s just wrong.

    Hang in there my friend. And if you insist on picking up Peanut, BE CAREFUL!


  2. Woman, you know I love you, and I am sorry as heck that you have to have all of this goin’ on at once.

    Don’t give that coworker any more gifts or acknowledgment or thought. Just flat not worth it.

    And don’t pick up Avery. I know how much you love her, but you need to get your back healed, or you might not be able to pick her up at all. Are you hearin’ me? Do NOT. Pick. Up. The. Baby.

    Lovin’ on ya…..

  3. This is a friend of the “evil co-worker” and she introduced me to your blog because she thought you are a decent writer most of the time. When you are saying how rude she is this week, did you take into account that she has also been dealing with her husband’s grandmother who is laying in the hospital, unresponsive and dying this whole week while she has been working and covering for you? I think you need to give your readers the whole story if you are going to be nasty about someone. I am sure she was thankful for your gift, but maybe her mind has been elsewhere dealing the the other things going on in her life.

    • She can still take that extra 2 seconds to add a “thanks” to the “k.” it was a nice gesture that came at the right time, apparently. Hope her husband’s grandmother gets better.

      We still luv ya Grammy

    • There was some serious passive-aggressive stuff here…..and for what? Your friend is not named, so you have no need to defend her. Her rudeness is not excusable for any reason. Yours was not necessary.

  4. To the evil ones friend, I’m sure she is very distraught over her hubbies grandmother, that however does not excuse her from acting like a decent human being. And what would be the reason for her behavior the other 365 days of the year? Everyone has personal issues, the difference is most of us have a soul and care about others and not just ourselves. 🙂

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