Ugh…also, Crap.

On Saturday Avery and I went shopping. I love taking her with me because watching her charm everyone she meets is just fun for me!

Our first stop was the fabric store. I have a quilt top that was the last one my Grandma worked on but couldn’t finish before her eyesight failed her, I’ve had it in a plastic bag, in a box with a bunch of other memorabilia for over 30 years…and now a good friend is going to finish it for me, so we needed to try and find fabric with a vintage feel to it to blend with the original fabrics used. My friend and one of the quilt shop ladies had it spread out to measure it and we soon had every worker and patron in the place crowded around it, ooohing and awwwwing over the tiny little pieces that Grandma had lovingly hand stitched. They were mesmerized…I had no idea it was such a rarity. Avery smiled and cooed at them and I’m not sure which they wanted to steal the most, my quilt or my Grandbaby!

After that we went to Michaels so I could pick up some scrapbook paper that was on sale 5 for $1…and left about an hour later $150 bucks poorer….How did I go from a couple bucks worth of paper to a full cart?? Happens everytime….

Later that evening Hubs and I took Avery to dinner with us (she’s not a fan of chocolate malt, wtf is up with that??) and then took her home to her Mommy and we went to see the Avengers, finally! And even though neither Thor nor Captain America appeared sans shirt, it was still a fun movie.  What wasn’t fun was a little girl, maybe 12 or 13 who sat next to me and reeked of booze. Reeeked…It was so sad. She was just as sweet as she could be, she apologized every time she accidentally bumped me. What makes a kid that age feel they need to be hammered in order to have a good time?? I was sober, I enjoyed the hell outta the movie…

On Sunday Hubs took Avery’s Mom and I out for Mom’s Day brunch, and in the afternoon we went to watch the daughters of Luke’s best buddy/boss in their dance recital. Let me tell ya, watching a stage full of tiny little pre-school age ballerinas twirling around in no particular order wearing sparkly little tutus is relentlessly precious! Avery is soooooo going to do that when she’s old enough….

And then Monday morning my back tried to kill me. Again. Woke up in ridiculous pain, barely able to move. Again. So here I lay, on Tuesday, still racked with pain, popping pills and laying on ice packs. Again. At least today I can take a deep breath without feeling like I’m being shanked so I reckon that’s an improvement.

I go back to the Rehab Doctor on Thursday, the one with the mongo BIG needle. I’m really sick of this…I didn’t do anything to bring on this latest attack, unless you count sitting in a straight back chair for several hours. So I wonder, is this it? Is this how my life is going to be from now on, living in fear that any normal non-strenuous activity is going to bring on days of unending pain that can only be alleviated by getting that God awful needle stuck in my spine??

I’m not a fan…

Pain causes depression. Depression causes pain. What a vicious effin’ circle….I want off this macabre merry-go-round….

I don’t think even seeing my favorite hunky super heroes without their shirts would cheer me up right now….


4 thoughts on “Ugh…also, Crap.

  1. Sorry to hear about your back Lori, that sucks so bad! It sounds like a great weekend up until then. One of my coworkers makes beautiful quilts, though I don’t think she makes them by hand either. I think that may be pretty rare these days. One of those pioneer skills that doesn’t get passed down too often I’ll bet. I wish I could come up with some magic to make your back all better forever and ever! {{{hugs}}}

  2. I was so psyched reading about all your fun…and then your back pain…UGH.

    I’ve been having a miserable time lately. Hot flashes, mood swings and my pain has been flaring up something awful. I haven’t done a damn thing and since it’s flaring I can’t do a damn thing. It sucks.

    I’m with you on getting OFF the merry-go-round. Can we find someone to stop the damn thing!

    ((Gentle You))

    P.S. Can’t wait to see pics of the quilt!!

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