Oh pooh…

I thought yesterday was today and so now I’m a day late…


Oh well…

For all of you who support our Active Duty Servicemen/women by loving them, doing their laundry, cooking their suppers, putting up with their shit, holding down the fort for months on end, raising the family by yourselves and being generally amazing!

This would have been sooooo much better yesterday. My bad….

With that in mind, so I won’t be late AGAIN…

To every Mom, for wiping poop off their bottoms, for all the sleepless nights, for all the wrinkles and gray hairs, for being their ATM, for all the hugs, the homemade treats you stayed up late to make because they didn’t tell you it was their turn to provide them for the class until 9 pm, for wearing the macaroni necklaces they made you ALL DAY, for wiping away countless tears, for trying not to puke while cleaning up theirs, for giving a damn whether they like it or not….

Me: Thanks for trying to be a great Mom.

Me: Why Thank you!

Me: You’re very welcome.

Me: Awww Shucks…

And guess what??

I got my Mom’s Day present early, so I could play with it all weekend!

POWER TOOLS!!! Sander, drill, and circular SAW!!

They gave me a weapon with a blade!!

Mwah ha ha!!! 

Ooooooh the possibilities….

*rubs hands together in a maniacal fashion*


One thought on “Oh pooh…

  1. Grammy: Thanks for trying to be a great Mom.
    Bubbe: Thanks a million! And thank YOU for being a great Mom!

    Love how you displayed the tools! The colors just pop!

    My grandma used to say, “Better never than THIS late” about herself. She hated being late for anything. Eventually she started referring to herself as the Late Mrs. So and So!

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