I got nuthin’….

I have nothing to write about today. Nothing really weighing on my mind, nothing really exceptional to tell y’all about….

It’s just an ordinary day….

I’m a fan of ordinary days. Calm, even, steady, thankfully normal in their mundaneness.

I do have something brewing in the back of my head, an idea, a major lifestyle change that I’m seriously contemplating….But it’s way too soon to write about it. It may very well stay just an idea, a dream, lurking in my brain. I’ll share when it becomes more concrete…

Why yes, I am a tease….

I DO get to spend some time with Avery today, that’s the blazingly brilliant, glowing, radiant light at the end of today’s tunnel. Because I miss her, and I need her feet….I need to borrow her chubby little Flintstone feet….for a project….for her Mommy….Shhhhhhh….

So instead of flowers, I asked for power tools for Mom’s Day. That’s newsworthy I suppose.   Nothing involving a blade, just a drill/screwdriver and a sander. Hubs will share his, but I want my own. I’m not sure why, it’s just a need I have. Maybe owning my own POWER tools is a metaphor for gaining inner strength and power y’all….ain’t that some deep shit??? But I think nahhhhh….it’s more that I don’t want to have to ask him every time I want to use them, and then put them away all nice and neat and precisely back where they came from. ‘Cuz I’m lazy….

That’s it, that’s all the news I have from Self-centered, pity-party-having, get-over-yourself, drama queen Town.

I know, right?? How very anti-climatic of me….

Today my peeps, I leave you with these random nuggets of wisdom:

And that’s the damn truth….

Also, I found this to be quite profound:

So there you have it….

I hope you all enjoy a mundane day, and a cupcake. Or 3….


7 thoughts on “I got nuthin’….

  1. My hubby’s tools are all neat and tidy too. Each one is packed away carefully and put to sleep in their very own spot on the shelves in the garage. My stuff is all over the place – thrown into big storage boxes in no particular order, pushed into the corners of shelves where I see a few open square inches. I must drive him crazy!! But hey! Opposites attract. Enjoy your new power tools. I love my glue gun!

  2. Even when you got nuttin’ you got somethin’!

    My hubby’s tools and work bench are all disorganized, so one year for Christmas I asked for my own little tool set because I’m all anally ORGANIZED. No power tools yet, unless a glue gun counts??

    Flintstone feet!! That’s what I used to call my Dalan’s feet! Oh the memories!!

    I hart you!

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