Letting go, part 2…

I’ve discovered another thing that’s a real struggle for me on my journey toward learning how to let go of negativity:

Not to take things so personally…

That’s a toughie for me, as tough as the whole letting go thing in general…

If I read something on oh….say…… Facebook, that seems to be somewhat passive aggressively directed at me, I really have to learn to give the writer the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming it’s meant for me….I gotta learn to just let it all roll off my back and not get bent out of shape until I KNOW I have something to get upset over. (Learning to not get upset period is another story for another day! Baby steps…)

It ain’t all about you Grammy…stop reading into things. 

In other words, I gotta stop creating more drama for myself….

They might have a totally different person in mind for their slightly veiled, mostly snide digs….and if not, who cares?  Especially when the very thing they’re making snarky comments about someone else doing is something I’ve read first hand that they do themselves. So their hypocritical opinion doesn’t matter anyway right?


Or, I could just “hide” the status updates of everyone who I’m not 100% sure is on my side or at least willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. Because if someone writes things that irritate, offend or otherwise annoy me I CAN CHOOSE NOT TO CONTINUE READING THEIR MUSINGS. **Hint Hint People That Don’t Agree With What I Write** That would certainly make catching up on FB a much shorter process, thereby leaving me more time to concentrate on playing Words with Friends…I’d say I need to just stay off FB altogether but I really do enjoy me some Words with Friends….

Lord knows I have been guilty of making snap judgement’s based on only one side of a story. And I know that’s wrong, and it’s one more item on my LOOOOOONG list of self-improvement things I need to work on.

This whole “trying to be a better person” thing is really a pain in my judgey, self-involved, whiny, pity-party-having (so I’ve been told), self-centered ass….




Ok, so in an effort to be less negative, I leave y’all with a totally positive thought:



10 thoughts on “Letting go, part 2…

  1. I am also a self-involved, whiny, pity-party-having, self-centered ass! We should start a club! And wear dog bowls and carry stew pots! And visit driveways……….

  2. [waving hand in the air madly]

    I’m so in! The club I mean. Are we gonna call it the Self-Involved, Whiny, Pity-Party-Having, Self-Centered Asses? Wouldn’t that look cool on a tee shirt? I’m thinking a black vee-neck with the words in bright colored glitter, am I right?

    I hide a LOT of folks on my FB because I just don’t want to read about every damn thing they DO! I guess I should be grateful I’m not on Twitter huh? But then I’m only on FB maybe once a day, if that. I keep up with my out of state family that way because they’re all big on the FB!

    Words With Friends rocks, I can play on my Kindle Fire (thanks B!) and if you ever NEED a game, I’m Miz Em – hunt me down! 🙂

    Oh and let me know where we’re meeting!

  3. Are we sure it’s not all about us!?


    It’s so hard to let go of negativity, it’s something I struggle with daily too. But I find wine helps. 🙂

  4. Aw crap. I’m a former self-involved, whiny, pity-party-having, self-centered ass! Well, I still indulge once in awhile because it’s a damn hard habit to break!

    I find venting to my hubby helps A LOT (and to myself as I talk to ME a whole bunch) and I do THAT before I EVER write anything that will be out in cyberspace for all eternity. I won’t give anyone the satisfaction of thinking I’m upset over THEM!

    Oh and did I mention I’m also a reformed Drama Queen? Yeah, I packed that T-shirt and tiara away, but I can pull them out for when we visit drive-ways while Jo wears her dog bowl carrying a stew pot!!


    • HA! While you can’t be an official member of the self-involved, whiny, pity-party-having, self-centered Ass Club, you can bring us snacks. WARNING: If you dare bring fruit, we will WHINE….:) Better safe than sorry, just bring WINE!

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