The Smile on my Face…

See this big grin on my face??

It has a name…

It’s name is Peanut!

Because no matter how crappy I feel, how depressed I am, despite the high level of stabbity my day has caused me to be, spending time with my Grandbaby always, ALWAYS makes me feel better and never fails to make me smile…

Who could stay grumpy when looking at that face???

No one. That’s who…

I love that face. And this particular one says to me “Ummmm, ok….what can I get into?? Oh the possibilities!” 

Look at those eyes…You can see the smile in them! I wish y’all could have heard the giggle that accompanied those smiling eyes…

I spent hours just laying in the floor with her, talking and singing and rolling around in happiness….and removing the occasional dog hair from her mouth…

And when I get rewarded with THAT SMILE??? Forget it, all the junk that’s been clouding my head and saddening my heart just disappears…

And all I feel is joy….

She has the same effect on her Poppa…

Pure joy…

I hope all of you find the thing that makes you smile today….


8 thoughts on “The Smile on my Face…

  1. She is so gorgeous, and her smile just lights me up! (I can’t even imagine the heart-melting effect it has in person….)
    I am so glad for both you and Peanut.

  2. Oh Peanut is SO beautiful! I could just stare at her ALL day!

    Those eyes of hers just sparkle!

    I love Peanut with her Poppa! Frame THAT picture!

    And if you think you are picking dog hair out her mouth now, just wait until her play date with Berra! You could make a freaken fur coat out of her extra fur! 😉

  3. Truly a gorgeous little face and yes I agree, those eyes sparkle with mischief and pleasure! I love the sound of baby laughter so much that I have that as the ring tone for my youngest daughter (now 20-something). Makes my heart smile every time I hear it. So glad you got to spend some relaxing and healing time with Peanut!

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