So I ended up walking around with my arms crossed all day….

It’s been a helluva week since I got back from Florida….

Remember my coworker/friend who I called a bitch for going on a cruise and then felt bad when she ended up having surgery on her ear?? Her Dad passed away last week while I was gone….I know, right???? I feel so bad for her….

So I’ve been playing her at work this week and then on Tuesday my Boss decided he needed to take the day off and go fishing so I got to be him as well….


But I soldiered through the day and came out at 5 o’clock relatively unscathed all things considered. I thought….

Apparently, my brain was more fried than I realized, because about 2 hours into my work day yesterday I noticed that I had a wardrobe malfunction….Nope, nothing broke. I had picked out a cute blouse, as well as a coordinating tank under it for a little pop of color. I was beautifully accessorized, including the earrings I sometimes forget. I even remembered my watch…..

Someone please explain to me how a 49.99999 year old woman who has been well endowed since early adolescence and has made it a firm rule for the last 35 years to never EVER leave the damn house without her “girls” firmly supported managed to do just that. Anyone???? Because I totally did this morning….

I’ve mentioned before that I work with a bunch of men right????

Yep…My 42 DD girls justa flappin’ merrily in the breeze. ย ALL. EFFIN’. DAY.

I was too busy to take a lunch break and go home to put on a dang bra. Thank God I had on 2 shirts and it wasn’t cold out is all I gotta say….So at least while things were swaying to and fro as I walked up and down the halls, there was no nippage going on. Because really, no one needs that.





I will say however, that on the bright side, I’ve never been quite so comfy at work so there is that! Also, to their credit, none of the boys mentioned it and I didn’t hear the words “headlights”, “Great Googley Moogley”, “WTF??” or “MY EYES! MY EYES “come out of anyone’s mouth….

Also, no one threw dollar bills at me which makes me kinda sad, I’m just sayin’…..


And if I forget my pants today I fully expect the same gentlemanly courtesy that I got yesterday….except I WILL be expecting some dollahs….Baby needs a new pair of shoes. And a valet. To make sure she’s fully clothed before entering polite society…You’ll be paying me to keep my clothes on. YOU’RE WELCOME.




12 thoughts on “So I ended up walking around with my arms crossed all day….

  1. Oh my dear sweet lord……I totally FEEL your pain here…..but I would’ve come home and fixed it, as there is no way I could go all day that way. I would not have gotten anything accomplished because I would have been paranoid all day.

    • Ahhh, you ASSUME I got anything accomplished and I thank you for the vote of confidence… Hard as hell to type with your arms crossed and hands tucked into your pits….:)

  2. Hey, if you figure out how you forgot would you let us know? I’ve never forgotten myself but there’s always a first time and maybe I should start putting a note up on the door I leave by: “Are you FULLY dressed?”

    Loved the cartoon, even though it made me cringe. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. i am dying here laughing…because i can’t picture you doing exactly what you explained! bwahahahahahaha i love it! you always know how to make my day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This is the first time in a long time that I don’t have anything to say but DAMN!!!!
    I would go home sick if i lost my brain and did not finishing dressing myself.

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