Coyle is da Shiznit! A.K.A. The good parts…

This is the happy story of our time in Florida….

Graduation day started EARLY! Which I thought sucked until I peeked out our balcony and was greeted by this:

Which was closely followed by this:

Which made me shut up my whining about having to get up so early on my vaca!

I only took 583,904,400 pictures of the sunrise but I’ll spare you all but a scant few…

I was NOT drunk. This is my version of artsy-fartsy!

Last one:

I look pretty great in silhouette....

I cannot even begin to tell you how proud we were watching the nephew walk up and recieve his college diploma in his cap and gown and flipflops!

Ahhhh….Florida boys! Gotta love ’em!

Ya know what else made us proud of him? With the exception of the ROTC members, he was the only one to remove his cap during the singing of the national anthem.

A gentleman and a scholar AND a patriot, that’s our Coyle…

I hadn’t been to Jax Beach since the Hubs and I was a’courtin….so walking on the beach with him and hunting for shells was so fun. What was even more fun was enlisting him and Viv to be my shell hunting minions!

I was much skinnier the last time we smooched on a beach....*sigh*

The next day Hubs, Vivi and I ventured off to St. Augustine. If you’re ever on the Atlantic side of Florida I highly recommend making it part of your trip.

It’s the oldest city in the continental US, and there’s a supremely cool Spanish fort there. We got to see a mongo gun go BOOM!

A good time was had by all….AND…..if you pay attention just on the outskirts of town you’ll find a castle….

It’s actually some religious zealot’s tribute to the Almighty but it’s still cool as hell…

Want to know my all time favorite thing that happened in Florida? Spending time with our 1 year old Great Niece who we hadn’t gotten to meet yet and her big Sister, and meeting Coyle’s girlfriend, Taylor. I forgot to ask permission to publish pics of these girls but let me assure you they are all gorgeous! Miss Taylor hugged me soooooo hard when we said goodbye, I love that kind of hug, it lets you know they mean it. I heart her a bunch….

Those are the parts of our trip that I will treasure forever…



6 thoughts on “Coyle is da Shiznit! A.K.A. The good parts…

  1. Congratulations Coyle! And WOW, what a handsome young man!

    Your vacation spot looks so fantabulous! I LOVE the castle. Because I love castles!

    Looks like you had fun in the sun. Back here in Pa we had yucky weather. It didn’t know what the hell it wanted to do–rain or snow, so it sleeted. Yesterday we had a nice day though… sunshine. I think I was in shock.

    And thanks for checking in on me. You are such a sweetheart.

    I *hart* you!! 😉

  2. So happy to see the good parts! You look like you’re having a good time and I know you enjoyed that little one after hearing you share about adventures with Peanut. Hubs lived in FL for awhile and misses the rain there — because it’s “a warm rain” as opposed to the icy Northwest precipitation.

    Glad there were good things about your stay!

    • Ahhhhh the 3 oclock Florida rains….yeah I dont miss those! They’d hit and you could watch the steam rise off the pavement. Yuck. And yes, there were good parts, I just tend to dwell on the negative because I’m a pessimist…

  3. Love, love, love your sunrise photos. There is nothing quite like a sunrise on the eastern Florida coast – makes me miss my days in Daytona Beach. We visited St. Augustine frequently when we lived in FL. It’s like stepping back in time. At Christmas time it is amazing when the bridge is all lit up.

    Congratulations to your nephew!

    • Oooooh I bet it is spectacular at Christmas! Honestly, I could have happily spent every single second just sitting on that balcony taking pictures of the ocean. But alas, I had to leave our room…

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