I’m baaa-aaaack…

Vacation (??) is over and back to work today.

Thank God. 

Since y’all know how I feel about work, you’re probably asking WTF??  She WANTS to go back to work??


I’m not ready yet to talk about our trip. I’m really struggling with how to tell the story; do I play nice and only tell the happy parts which will take about a paragraph or spill my heart out and write a stinkin’ 500 page diatribe which will probably completely alienate me from my Husbands family if, in fact, that hasn’t already been done in which case who gives a f*ck??

Did ya catch all that?? Was that sentence rambling and confusing enough for ya??

Welcome to my head…



Wait. I promised fun pictures didn’t I?


There ya go….

🙂 again

10 thoughts on “I’m baaa-aaaack…

  1. Oh Lori, I’m sorry it wasn’t all that. If it would help to spill it all, I’m happy to be one of your “shoulders”. You’ve listened to me vent/rant about my Hubby’s family enough times! Glad you’re back though, and the photo on the beach is awesome. I LOVE the ocean and it looked like one of the happy moments of which you spoke. 😀

    Welcome back!

  2. I say let you B*tch flag fly…..and may those who may or may not be offended consider it a wake up call about their behavior

  3. So I heard this crazy rumor about your trip. Word is that you got crazy drunk and took your clothes off and ran into the ocean and you had F*ck It written across your ass in black marker.
    Your one crazy lady:-)

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