Jax Beach Here We Come!

Clan Self is descending on your ass, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Let the mayhem begin!

I will not be posting the next few days, the Hubs and I are off to attend the college graduation of our beloved nephew Coyle in Jacksonville Florida. And I’m not lugging the laptop because A) I’m maxed out on allowable carry on items (ugh) because I’m too cheap to check a bag unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, and B) the sucker’s too heavy to lug through an airport anyway, and C) I don’t want to!

Remember the good ole’ days when you could take as much crap as you needed on the plane?? So you didn’t actually have to decide on outfits, you could take a smorgasbord of clothes suitable to any given opportunity and weather??

*Sigh*….I miss those days.

I need 5 outfits, including the one I’ll wear tomorrow when we leave; I have a dress to wear to the graduation ceremony on Friday morning, then something casual to change into for beach lounging/wine consumption later that day. I need another casual (but cute) outfit for Saturday’s plans of beach lounging/wine consumption/BBQ/card playing. And something uber comfy to wear on the flight home on Sunday. Everything except the dress has to match the same pair of shoes as I’m cramming everything into a 22 x 14 x 9 inch (the maximum size allowed by our asshole airline as a carry on) duffel bag. Plus toiletries,  my big honkin’ camera and my fabulous new shoes that go with said dress.

I hate the greedy bastards at the airlines.


On a happier note, I can’t wait to see Coyle! I adore that young man…

 Plus, he’s so stinking handsome and charming as hell to boot!

Ima gonna hug him til he squeals for mercy….

Cuz I can…

It’s good to be the beloved Aunt!

Y’all try not to miss me too much, I don’t want to have to worry about anyone croaking from Grammy withdrawals….

I’ll have lotsa pics for you next week, I promise!



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