Craft Room Redo: A Continuing Saga…

It will never be done, not ever….

Every time I think “That’s it, it’s perfect” I think of just one more thing that would truly make it perfect for Peanut and me….

And one more….

Annnnnnnnd one more….

So I’m going to call it almost done and show you what I have so far:

POLKA DOTS!!! To make it fun for Avery…..and ‘cuz I’m a 4 year old at heart.

And I love it! I love everything about it, childishness and all! Our room is an eclectic mix of childlike whimsy for Avery (wha?? It is, honest. Ok, maybe a little bit for me) and antique fabulous, we’ll call the design style “Old Fart Reverts Back to Childhood and Blames it on the Grandbaby”….It’s gonna be trending, y’all just watch!

I made the cushions for my Great Grandmother’s rocking chair. The chest of drawers  was ugly maple early american, I’ve had it for years and was SICK of it but needed the storage so Hubby sanded the begeebus out of it for me so it looks all old and distressed. I put new fun hardware on it and decoupaged the drawer/door fronts with antique looking journal paper and now I ADORE IT!  ‘Cuz I’m a friggin’ frugal genius…

I mean come on?? It's fabulous now!

More evidence of my wicked genius….the counter top of my work table. It was a leftover hunk of countertop from one of Hubs oil change shops that he brought home and I had him put up so I’d have somewhere to work besides the kitchen table. It was free. It served the purpose intended. It was ugly.

I decoupaged that bitch and now its fun and gorgeous!!

Need more convincing that I am, indeed the reigning Queen of Repurposing Stuff??? Here ya go:

I had the cheap vinyl mini-blinds that came with the house, and they didn’t even fit the window as they were a good 3 inches too narrow. Thanks to this handy post on Pinterest, I turned those nasty, ill-fitting blinds into roman shades using that canvas material I bought to make tote bags out of before the The Stitch Nazi flunked me out of sewing class. See?? Repurposed and frugal! And the flowers I just stamped on and glued buttons for the centers.

Here is my favorite thing in the room:

I found this old school desk last week when I went junkin’ during lunch. I’d been looking for an old table/chairs for Avery’s “work” table and found this instead. I cleaned it up and deco’d it too and now I love it so much I can’t stop looking at it!

She might need to grow just a tad….:)

Everything else that I’ve done are purely for my enjoyment, few of them serve an actual purpose other than to make me smile…

This is useful, it holds my scissors and markers....Not completely frivolous!

This hangs on the door....and it was my first "altered art" project.

This was my 2nd....

And this was my 3rd....I totally blame this on Jo.

This is one of those "just cuz it makes me smile" things....

The only rule in Grammy and Peanut's Room of Fun!

I think this speaks for it's self....


This was an old brass lamp that belonged to my Dearly Departed Mom-in-Law. Yep, I painted and deco'd that sucker!

My impulse-buy vase is earning it's keep by holding up my Grandfather's old books.

I spend every possible minute I can in our new craft room, gluing, painting, cutting, planning, and just having a ball in general!

Next up is the old wood crate which will be hung on the wall to hold craft books, a redone wooden shelf to also hang on the wall above my work table and the “sewing nook” which used to be the closet!

I’ll post pics as I complete projects and if anyone wants the how-to on anything I’ve done just let me know…

BabyGirl approves of our new space! Did I mention I decoupaged a cardboard box for her toy box???? Yeahhhhhh….

It’s a sickness really….

I hope I never find a cure!


8 thoughts on “Craft Room Redo: A Continuing Saga…

  1. This is absolutely FABULOUS!!! You are a crafting Empress! Seriously, you’ve done some beautiful work, and it looks wonderful…..and I’m in love with your altered art pieces. Lucky Peanut to have you!

    • Oh I can’t wait until she can sit at her desk and make her own contributions to our art work! But ya know what the room needs?? A Fairy treehouse….:)

  2. Oh Grammy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of it! That desk is absolutely beautiful! No wonder you can’t stop staring at it! I stared at it for like a minute! And the dresser, pure GENIUS! I just love antiques. I call my decor “shabby chic totally unique”!

    After seeing your creation, I need to get to my own crafting! So much to do!

    Peanut looks so adorable at her desk!

    Big hugs for Peanut!!

    • Hehe! She does, doesnt she? It reminded me of that little cartoon guy we used to draw…where you only saw his big eyes and nose above the wall?? I forget his name….’cuz I suffer from CRS…:) but thanks for the kudo’s now get busy in your own craft room!

  3. Oh my! So very lovely Lori! The chest of drawers is wonderful and I freakin’ LOVE the decoupaged work table! I’m definitely going to look up that post on repurposing the mini blinds – those shades are cool and I could use one over my kitchen sink. Avery’s so lucky!!

    • Lori the blinds were super easy! And the decoupage is so much fun I swear I’ve deco’d everything in my house that will allow me…you should see the Hubs!

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