CROW. It’s what’s for dinner….

Anyone have a good recipe for crow??

I’ma needing one…

Cuz I have to eat some…

Remember when I was whining *whahhhhhhhhh!* about my co-worker friend who was going on a cruise to Jamaica?? And I was all *whahhhhhhhhhhh* cranky cuz A) she wouldn’t even try to stuff me into her suitcase, and B) I had to learn to do her job while she was gone?? **WHAHHHHHHHHH**

Here’s a rundown on her vacation. The one I bitched about:

  • Her boyfriend was motion sick the ENTIRE time, so she had to babysit…which was super fun for her because:
  • Due to the cabin pressure on the flight from here to Florida, she developed perilymph fistula which is a tear in the membranes of the inner ear that causes dizziness, vertigo, imbalance and nausea…Unaware anything serious was amiss, she thought she was also motion sick so she just kept taking Dramamine…

She’s been really sick since she returned, like can’t-work-or-drive-or-function kind of sick. Walking makes her nauseous. Her vision is blurred so she can’t see. She’s been to a multitude of Dr’s, had several diagnosis’s and is having surgery today to repair the tear.

So I’m all packed for a trip of my own…on Guilt-Air, because I was a whiny brat. Ā *whahhhhhhhhh*….

That’s where the crow eating comes in…

AND she brought me the cutest damn sundress from Jamaica, as a thank you for covering for her….

Double helping of crow please….extra sauce.

I’m such an ass….



I feel like such a schmuck. I totally owe her a case of wine to make up for all the whining…Maybe it’ll keep me from earning any more bad kharma/juju.

Send happy Get Well thoughts her way for me would ya?? I truly do miss her face at work…


8 thoughts on “CROW. It’s what’s for dinner….

  1. And I thought my honeymoon was bad! I’m so sorry for her and I WILL send her good well wishes and virtual hugs!

    I’ve heard if you braise the crow lightly and then cover it in your favorite gravy it goes down a little easier. There you go … you’re welcome! šŸ˜€

  2. Grammy, since you are such a great BFF AND Grammy AND wifey-poo, no bad karma/juju for you.

    Maybe the co-worker had some bad karma/juju coming to her for something…???

    And I’m whining, cuz my mom and dad are leaving for Vegas (again, sheesh, they don’t even friggin gamble!) tomorrow and they aren’t taking ME! wth! I have to keep a secret for them…maybe a little blackmail is in order. hee hee **evil laugh while rubbing hands together**

  3. Honey, you know you didn’t cause that stuff, but yeah….the sundress might make some crow-eatin’ a necessity….

    Smother that sucker in BBQ sauce.

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