Stabbity is the new black.

Don’t you just love having duties added to your job description because someone else repeatedly ignores doing said duties and instead of MAKING THEM DO IT the Bosses just assign them to you? Because you’ll get it done in a couple of hours as opposed to a couple of weeks, essentially punishing you for being productive. I don’t mind doing the extra stuff, what I’m pissy about is the fact that I gained them because someone else doesn’t want to do them. I wasn’t aware that we could pick and choose our duties at work. Missed that effin’ memo….

Lazy is not cool. Makes me all stabbity….

A friend of mine emailed this to me: So ran into one of the very nice *insert eyeroll* people that are here training from another office. I introduced myself and said “welcome and enjoy your training”…and she said..”I have heard your name before around our office” all snotty like. I was just like “hmmmm…well that is good!” UGH…seriously…really….I was just trying to be nice… I kind of feel like poopy now…I could almost cry.

Snotty is not cool. What she should do is get stabbity…

Another friend had some major attitude issues from a young little chippie at the bank who gave her a hard time and a healthy dose of incompetence. At the risk of sounding like an OLD FART, I have to ask: Why does so many of  the younger generation feel it’s OK to be rude, even when in a customer service position? When did it become OK to not show respect especially to a customer?? And why the hell do they always act like accommodating you by doing their job is a big ol’ inconvenience to them???

Rude is not cool. Also a perfect opportunity to be stabbity….

Don’t reign in your Inner Stabbity voice my Peeps, let it loose! Scare the crap outta those that irritate you and betcha money they’ll remember it and think twice the next time! Fear is a fabulous motivational tool….

Getting stabbity? Totally cool.

Be assertive. ‘Cuz stabbity looks good on everyone….

It’s the new black…


9 thoughts on “Stabbity is the new black.

  1. Can I just ask why the cute little stabbity girl has a pug on her head? Is said pug going to help? BC if you’re thinking about teaching your pug to help…bad idea! She will turn on you when hungry..or when not hungry but wants a treat…or on the couch…..just saying

  2. Stabbity – that’s how I feel most days. Just tidied the toy room (previously called the dining room in another life) – you couldn’t see the floor with the mess of toys strewn all over the place. I was stabbity by the time I finished.

    Also I agree with you completely about rude not being cool. I think I am an old fart, because I just can’t stand it when younger generations are just plain rude. It makes me stabbity.

    Love the word.

  3. The Executive Committee of How to Enjoy Senility is now in session. Lori, as Vice President, you have the power to make stabbity a legal issue for all and sundry. What say you? Yes? Okay, then, we shall vote. Everyone for, raise your hands? *counting* Excellent. Everyone against, shut the heck up. Done. Meeting adjourned. Stabbity is now legal.

    And seriously, Lori, you shoulda brought the baked goods to the funeral. It was lovely. But the tuna casserole needed backup, and where were you? Off NOT being stabbity for realsies all over peoples who obviously needed it. I will kick some AZZ. (theirs, not yours)

  4. Dont you love it when someone you work with say’s its not their job so they are not going to do it??? I want to cut someone up when i hear that.

    • Not even a case of “not my job” just flat out “Ok I know Ive been doing this task for years but I dont like it so I’m just not going to do it”….must be nice to pick and choose…..

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