Mmmmm….Lazy day…

It’s raining which is such a wonderful thing here in the Black Hills where our wildfire danger has been through the roof….

I love rain….

When I don’t have to drive/shop/walk anywhere/leave the house….

It’s a nice gentle rain, no lightening, no high winds, no torrential downpours.

I’m a fan…

This is the kind of day that makes me want to curl up with a book, or have a movie marathon of old beloved movies I’ve seen a kajillon times. but today it makes me want to go paint stuff and crinkle stuff, tear the edges, glue stuff to other stuff and generally make a mess in the almost completed “Room of Inspiration and Silliness” a.k.a. “Grammy and Peanut’s Crafty Room”…

I’ve been “altering” things….as in Altered Art. I completely and totally blame Pinterest and Jo for this new obsession. I’m sooooooo into taking an old forgotten trinket of some kind and along with some scraps of paper, some hot glue and a bunch of Mod Podge and turning it into something totally different. I spent an hour last night rummaging through the deep dark recesses of my many jewelry boxes looking for broken necklaces, earrings with no mate, little mementos stuffed in there from 30 years ago….

I found a BUNCH of goodies in there!

So I’m thinking I’ma gonna take my cup of chicory coffee and my box of treasures and go downstairs and play after brunch….’cuz I can!

Hubs got his 50 pound chocolate cake last night….

Only 684,405,308 calories per slice...

And he played with Peanut…

And Peanut ate some peas….

She’s skeptical about the whole veggie thing…

Bubbe commented the other day about the Browned Butter Mashed Taters I mentioned having for Hubs Birthday dinner, as she did the last time I mentioned them, she wants the recipe….So here you go Bubbe:

Grammy’s Browned Butter Mashed Taters

  • Boil some taters
  • Instead of just adding BUTTER (not margarine) when the taters are done, melt it in a little sauce pan and let it cook til the little milkfat solids start to brown.
  • Pour the butter into a big bowl with the taters
  • Add some half & half
  • Throw some salt and pepper in there.
  • Mash like hell!

That’s truly all there is to it! It’s just regular old mashed potatoes that I brown the butter for, that’s the only difference!

We all ate til our tummies were nearly bursting, and THEN HAD CAKE! And these lovely little  cheesecake filled strawberries that Peanut’s Mommy made…

Oh! Forgot to tell y’all that Miss Avery Michele Peanut Butter Baby is rolling over now!

She does not listen when I plead with her to stop growing so fast….

She’s stubborn like that…

She gets it from her Mommy….

Enjoy your Sunday!


6 thoughts on “Mmmmm….Lazy day…

  1. Dear gawd that cake looks good….

    I LOVE altered art, and am currently working mentally on a project that may or may not see the light of day (I am SO good at procrastinating). I am anxiously awaiting pics of your creativity!

  2. Yay! I had guessed it was something simple like that but it never hurts to know for sure BEFORE attempting something in the kitchen. Although…some of Hubs’ cooking experiments have turned out quite tasty! Sounds like a great birthday party!

    I think we have your rain here in Seattle today. I love rain too when I don’t have to commute in it. But at least we had sunshine over the weekend!

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