Happy Birthday Baby!

My hubby turns a ripe old 38 today!

As I’m still recovering from the 2 hour dentist appointment followed by a 30 hour migraine (I prefer the dentist), he didn’t get much of a Birthday greeting this morning, poor baby….

However, I am functional and optimistic that things will improve as the day progresses so that I can show him a good time later, ya know, it being his birthday and all….

And by good time, I mean dinner and a comedy show at The Elks Theatre tonight. What did you think, kanoodling??? Again??? Get outta the gutter….

Although he is still pretty dang cute, even at his advanced age so…..


I love him like crazy, and hope he has the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Kanoodling aside….Tomorrow I’m making him a monstrous 4 layer chocolate cake creation that he saw on an episode of PW’s show and had to have. I’m now rethinking the wisdom of letting him watch cooking shows with me…..I’m sure we’ll all be blissfully happy in our sugar coma’s all weekend. The rest of the menu is dependent on the weather: If it’s sunny he wants BBQ ribs, and if its rainy (as predicted) he wants Chicken Fried Steak. Either way he wants Browned Butter Mashed Potatoes and green beans to go with whatever the weather decides will be the entree’…

Peanut’s gonna wish she was big enough to eat some of Poppa’s cake….

Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baby!

  1. Happy Birthday Lori’s Hubs! Your birthday celebration dinner sounds yummy! Browned butter mashed potatoes – mmm! Will we see a recipe for that soon please? And yes, yes he is a cutie! You guys make a nice looking couple! Have a great weekend; enjoy the sugar coma.

  2. Happy Birthday Lori’s hubster!

    Psst, Lori, he IS a cutie!

    And oh YUM on that chocolate cake! My birthday is in July!

    Enjoy your weekend you two love birds!!

    P.S. You can still give Peanut some chocolate icing! You probably already knew that and are miles ahead of me 😉

  3. The two of you are just beautiful. Please wish him a happy belated birthday for me?

    I’m actually torn between commenting on the kanoodling and the cake….

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