And this is why my happy ass won’t go in the water….

I don’t like to swim in water I can’t see through. Ok, to clarify, I can’t swim so what I meant was splash around and attract creatures that can eat me. Becoming shark bait has never appealed to me, although I have ventured into the ocean many, many times to paddle around and bob in the waves like the tourist I am. After living in Florida and learning about the Bull Sharks that will snatch your hiney in knee deep water I won’t be going in there again.

I thought fresh water was safe, albeit mostly icky with stuff growing in it that inevitably manages to find me and wrap itself around my legs, causing me to flounder around and make really uber girly squealing noises. Until now….

I read this article and will never go skinny dipping again. EVER.


Meet the snakehead fish. He can survive on land for 4 days and bite through your boot. He and his kin are taking over the waterways in Maryland. Just a matter of time before they move upriver and take over the world.

Waterskiing this weekend? Pass. I like my feet and legs just as they are, thanks.

I’ll go fishing, I still want a pontoon boat. I’m just not getting in the water….And neither is Peanut. Fish bait we will not be….

This little guy has nothing whatsoever to do with the Fish From Hell, but I found his picture and I just have to ask:

Cute? or Creepy?

No idea what the hell he is. I just can’t decide if he falls into the “so ugly he’s cute” category, or the “look at my claws, I’ll rip your face off” genre….I’m on the fence.

There you have it, my bizarre finds of the day….

What weirdness have you discovered lately? Your own family members do not count, however, home grown science experiments accidentally grown in your fridge do…



8 thoughts on “And this is why my happy ass won’t go in the water….

  1. Wow! You didn’t mention it could bite through your STEEL-TOED boot! I heard awhile back about a fish that could survive on land for 4 days and that alone was a little scary. Add in the steel-toe piercing teeth and you have a nightmare in the making! Based only on the photo of the little guy I have to say he’s cute … in a creepy sort of way. He makes me think of Gremlins.

  2. Grammy – you will just have to visit Ireland. One major thing I miss about the old sod is the complete absence of dangerous animals of any kind. I think a badger is considered the most dangerous, and they’re mostly scared of humans. No poisonous spiders! No snakes! No bite through your boot fish in the water!

    I hear you loud and clear. You won’t catch me swimming in any of the lakes around Kentucky, and when I lived in Florida those alligators scared the living daylights out of me.

  3. That darn fish needs to be killed and fast. I hope lots of fisherman collect lots of money!

    So, while they are rounding ’em up, I’ll sit with you and Peanut on the beach. Or we could use floaties in a nice warm pool!

  4. What ever the heck that bat lookin’ creature is….it’s creepy. But then, I liked the Easta Bunny picture that you didn’t.

    And that fish is awful. I’m not reading that article, I do not need nightmares about fish.

    I’ll be in the boat with you and Avery.

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