Sooooo not about me….

The blog world is full of millions of tightly woven little bands of cyber friends. The friends I’ve made through it is the most rewarding thing about blogging for me.

It’s strange but some of my blogging friends have become almost like family. I worry when I don’t hear from them for a couple of days. Which brings me to the point of this post…

It ain’t always all about me…

Sometimes you just gotta stop dwelling on your own petty issues and devote some time to caring for others. That’s all I’m saying. This is MY blog and I use it as a sounding board for whatever dumb rant is in my head, dumping all my silliness into the webosphere with a peck on the cheek and a wave goodbye. Y’all do with it as you will….

Today, it’s about my friends, my wonderful blogging friends who never EVER fail to show me all the love and support they can across Internet. They cheer me up when I’m in a funk and they send me words of encouragement and understanding when I’m in a quandary over something or another. They send virtual hugs….

One dear friend is fighting like hell not to be consumed by depression and/or the side effects of the anti-depressants prescribed for her. Depression is a massive vortex that just wants to suck her into its dark and ugly depths. At times it renders her incapable of coherent thought, or the desire to get out of bed. She struggles, clawing her way up to the surface only to slip back down. It’s an exhausting battle and I worry about her. I’m not in any way a church going person, but I pray to a God I know she believes deeply in. It’s all I can do….

Which pisses me off….

The other friend who has been on my mind a lot in recent days has lost a Parent and is grieving and hurting. Also walking around with pneumonia as she does all she can to care for and comfort those around her, never allowing herself the time to truly grieve. She’s in pain, physically and emotionally and I just want so much to put my arms around her and let her rest her head on my shoulder while I pat her back and whisper that it’s all  going to be OK. And make her some chicken noodle soup. Sending electronic hugs is all I can do….

Which also pisses me off….

I want to help. I want to make them feel better. So I’m asking the rest of you to help me help them by taking a moment to say a prayer for them if you’re so inclined, to send well wishes and happy thoughts for them into the universe in hopes that those thoughts and wishes float back down to earth and land on the hearts of my friends…

Because today, it’s all about them….



9 thoughts on “Sooooo not about me….

  1. Grammy, I worry about them too.

    Our blogs have given us such wonderful gifts.


    Even if we don’t SEE each other, we care about each other because we’ve gotten to know each and every one of our dear friends through our little babies–our blogs.

    And yes, it’s not always about “us”.

    I’m sending lots of positive thoughts and vibes to those who need it most right now.

    And big gentle ((Hugs))

  2. And now I’m crying in my breakfast. So thanks for that ;). Thanks too for the good thoughts, prayers, hugs. I agree completely that the friends I’ve made blogging are the most rewarding part. Thanks again Lori!

  3. Depression is EVIL!!!!! I have had it off and on for my whole life and you cant let it win. Its hard at times not to let it take over but you cant let it. I am someone who loves to laugh so i try to surround myself with people who I know who like to laugh and have a good time. It does help but sometimes it does not fix the problem. If i am not busy my mind thinks about the crap in my life that I have had to deal with and so I have to keep myself busy so I dont think about things.
    My main problem is not have family support. My bio dad wanted nothing to do with me as a kid and my bio bitch (aka birth mother) is jealous and likes to say hurtful things to me all the time. So the only thing I could do to make my life better was to cut them all out and have nothing to do with them. So now I have that empty feeling inside. Its ok and I am who I am and I know I am a better person with out them.

    Love to both of your friends who are having a hard time right now. Life does get better and I cant let those dark times win.

    • Dianne, I know exactly what you mean. And if you’d like to join the ranks of my “adopted” kids you can call me Mom and I’ll boss you around, give you my unsolicited opinion and tell you how wonderful you are just like a real Mom would!

      • Sweet you can give me advice anytime and if i dont like it i will delete it. Ha Ha Ha
        Plus I am a easy kid to deal with since I dont need anything at all just someone to talk to sometimes.

        Now I am crying at work and I dont cry at work I make others cry:-)

      • See? Just like my other kids! And don’t cry. Snot will run down your lip and that’s just not pretty. There, that’s your first piece of Motherly advice!

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