The Color Purple…

Dear Jo,

I hope you like purple, a nice rich muted and slightly dusty shade of purple. Not like PUUUURPLE. Cuz that’s what color I’m painting your room, a.k.a. mine and Peanut’s craft room…

Love, Me.

And I’m not posting any pictures until it’s done! And by done I mean painted, decoupaged and furnished….

Yep, decoupaged….I said it. And I meant it. And I’ve never ever done it before but I’m completely intrigued and have become slightly obsessed by the possibilities of it….

I came home tonight, grabbed a brush and started painting. I never do crap after I get home from work except make dinner. EVER. But for some reason today I developed an itch to get started on this project and couldn’t shake it. I tried. Alas, t was firmly planted and stubbornly refused to be dislodged so….I painted.

And loved the color even more on the wall than I thought I would. I adore it. It’s divine. ambrosial, glorious, splendiferous, transcendent. I have no idea why I chose this particular color, it’s not my favorite color (red) I just knew I wanted something A) fun and B) soothing…a tall order. As I perused the paint chips, this color called out to me. I’m glad it did … I likes it a bunch! 

And now I’m exhausted, frazzled, fatigued, weary, petered out, worn down and tuckered….I is pooped, but in a really good way!

This color makes me happy. So I’m going to sit here in my comfy chair, in my PJ’s, mostly scrubbed free of paint with a colossal grin on my face and do nothing for what’s left of the evening…

Tomorrow the renovation continues!


4 thoughts on “The Color Purple…

  1. Oh I’ll bet it’s beautiful!

    Red is nice but it’s an aggressive color and YOU don’t need that if you get in a stabbity mood in a room with scissors 😉

    If you ever get the urge to paint, I have lots of rooms that need a few coats…

    I’m willing to pay! I’ll even pay in cupcakes.

  2. I cannot wait to see the finished product! It sounds wonderful!

    And I’m so glad that it’s making you happy…..that makes ME happy.

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