It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time….

My Saturday’s with Avery have become my favorite day of the week, the light at the end of my tunnel…

And this Saturday, I didn’t take a single picture…

I’m so fired.

We endured a fiasco at Sears trying to get pictures taken of Avery in her sweet little Easter dress (Thank you Big Sista) where we got the photographer voted “Most Likely to Be Devoid of a Personality”. Avery clearly didn’t like her and neither did I. Lucky for her the manager finally took over and snapped a couple decent shots, as I was just about to say “Oh gimme that” and revoke her camera privileges…

I really have to get some sort of backdrop equipment so I can just take them myself…

After that, I took the Peanut with me to do some grocery shopping. She sang to me all through the store, to the delight of the other shoppers! She held my list for me and when part of the writing became obscured by slobbers, I just winged it….Then we came home and took a nap….it was blissful.

She’s just becoming so sweet! Not that she hasn’t always been but now she’s less fussy, and more interactive. She talks and talks, sings, pats my face, flirts and smiles…She’s become such a happy baby! I’m quite content to spend the entire day just playing with her on my lap, reading books or whatever holds her attention. The day goes by so fast and then her Mommy comes to get her and it’s a looooong week waiting for Saturday to roll around again…

Yesterday I worked on another Pinterest project, a hanging succulent garden! I had to order my plants online from an Etsy shop as there were no little cacti/succulents to be found around these parts yet, it’s still too early for the garden centers to have much stock…So they arrived in great shape, I bought 36 cuttings and no 2 were alike. I used an old curio shelf that’s been floating around this house since God was a boy, took the divider pieces out of it, conned the Hubs into cutting it down a bit as it was too big, gave it a coat of paint and some ribbon trim and WaLLah!

I heart this so much!

It’s not hanging yet as the stupid hanger I put on the back broke immediately, so Hubs is gonna get one with some muscle and put it on for me! It’s filled with sphagnum moss which I read succulents thrive in, and the little bronze brads are securing a lattice of fishing line to keep everything in place…

I originally wanted to make a succulent wreathe until I priced the plants and realized it would cost me about $100 bucks to make….I like my re-purposed box just fine!

Next Saturday will be sad for me as I won’t have my Peanut Butter Jelly Baby since her Mom is off work. Therefore, I am painting our craft room, and it is going to be fabulous! The paint color is called “Girls Night Out” ….  🙂

Now I know some of y’all (Pam, Jo!) go into withdrawals if you don’t get regular baby pics so here’s one from way back in December that I never posted on here….

I took this ‘cuz her Mommy wanted to have it put on an apron for Chef Vivi for Christmas, it’s also hanging in my kitchen so I always have my little Sous Chef….

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time….

  1. Little Chef Peanut Butter and Jelly is absolutely adorable. I remember a photo shoot fiasco too. When my triplets were just 1, going on 2, we decided to get some nice Christmas shots taken. You can just imagine how hard it was to get a 3 year old and a trio of toddlers to look at the camera, AT THE SAME TIME. We persevered and got some shots, but when we came back to choose the ones we liked the photographer informed us THE CAMERA WAS NOT ATTACHED TO THE RECORDER. Yikes! We had to do the whole shoot over. As you can imagine I was not a happy Momma.

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