Lordy what a day yesterday!

Work was decent, not super slammed which was a good thing as NO ONE  had any motivation whatsoever….I know I’ve complained about my job, cuz Hello?? Who doesnt?? But honestly as far as jobs-that-will-never-make-me-rich go, I don’t mind it about 75 percent of the time. That saying a lot for me…anyway……One of my favorite things about the j.o.b. is that we have Happy Hour around 4 on Fridays. In the office. Never had a job that encouraged you to drink at work before….I’m a fan….Yesterday we made Planters Punch:


  • Equal parts dark Rum, Orange juice, and Pineapple juice
  • splash of lime juice
  • splash of Grenadine
  • Marachino Cherries (cuz I like them)

We made 96 ounces of Punch. 96!  We started early as the Bosses were out of town and by 5:30 we had consumed every drop. And then had Starbucks…

Work sanctioned liquor is a good thing….I’m just sayin’.

And then I had a girl date to for Sushi and  The Hunger Games with Jackie May and her friend Matraysa whom I’d never met. (Loved her!) Jackie and I had been discussing our upcoming date with much excitement for the last few weeks and poor Vivi was a little pouty about the whole thing….From a thousand miles away I could feel her bottom lip becoming more and more pooched as date night drew nearer….So I broke down and took her with us:

I tell ya, the things I do to make my Kids happy….

The movie was so GOOD! Didn’t stray too far from the book which I appreciated. My phone became possessed by Satan causing my fellow movie goers to glare at me with a shanking look in their eye. The parking lot was so full we had to park in the next county and walk to the theatre.  Thanks to consuming massive amounts of sushi and liquor, I barely touched my purse full of candy I smuggled in. I didn’t have to pee until 10 minutes into the movie (of course) and so when a scene scared the beejebus out of me I peed my pants a little. It was a good time all around y’all….

Did I mention the movie started at 10 pm and was 2 1/2 hours long???

And that explains my poopedness….

Today is Avery day, taking her to have her Easter pictures done! And then I’ll spend the afternoon trying like hell to get her to take a looooooooong nap with me.



4 thoughts on “I. IS. POOPED.

  1. I had a blast last night! I’m thinking our girly movie/sushi dates need to happen waaaaay more often. We will even be considerate and bring flat Vivi along if needed. 🙂

    • I agree wholeheartedly! And yes, Flat Vivi must happen otherwise she’ll pout and snot will run down her lip and that’s just not a good look for anyone….p.s….I heart you!

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