And then I said “Awwwww” and got choked up….

This post is gonna be all about the random….

Mostly ‘cuz I don’t have enough to say about any one subject to write a whole post on it, but rather have a head full of random snippets that I haven’t the energy to expand on….

1. To My Darling Granddaughter:

This would fit this post better if it said "LOVE YOU GRAMMY" but I work with what I got....

Knock off that growing so dang fast would ya??? Grammy loves the snuggly, wiggly, cooing baby stage and if you keep growing like you’re doing you’ll be out of it soon! Stay little!!! 15 pounds and 25 inches long at 4 months….Quit it!!! You’re my Sunshine, my Heart and Soul and I’m in no hurry for you to become an obnoxious teenager….

2. To My Co-Worker Who is Leaving Me for Sunny Beaches:

I’m sorry I called you a bitch but honestly you’d call me one if it were me yakking 24/7 about my effin’ cruise! You know you would! I love ya but come on….you could fit me in your suitcase if you really tried. I do yoga, I’m bendy…..*pout*

3. Jacksonville, Seattle and Memphis:

You’re no cruise but I cannot wait to see y’all in April, July and September!

4. New Clothes:

I’ve gained back about 10 of my hard fought lost pounds from last year. And guess what?  I really don’t give a shit. Ok, I do, but not enough to stop cooking and baking yummy nom-noms so…..I’ve been buying new spring and summer clothes and I love them, so there! I yam what I yam…Speaking of Yams, they’re delightful sliced in half and grilled then topped with plenty of BUTTER, BROWN SUGAR AND CINNAMON. Skinny Schminny. I like food….

5. My Readers, the Few and the Faithful:

I heart y’all. I do. I feel the love and encouragement coming through my laptop from your comments and I’m heartened. You validate my feelings, you lighten my mood, you put a smile on my face, you make me giggle….You’re the reason I keep writing. And to Laurie, my newest reader who’s comment made me a bit teary-eyed this morning: I hope I never disappoint. Also, just check back every couple of days or so as I stopped posting everyday at the beginning of the year. Perpetual Brain Fartitis…

6. My Craftroom:

I WILL GET YOU PUT BACK TOGETHER. Someday….I promise. Stay strong in the knowledge that while you sit empty I continue to buy stuff to fill you with. It’s piled up all over this joint….And I did pick up a couple of paint chips at Lowe’s the other day so Chin Up Buttercup!

7. Spring Cleaning:

F*ck you. Seriously….

8. Netflix:

You’re kinda dumb, but thank you for sending me a DVD from my list even after I cancelled your ass….I’ll watch it tonight while Hubs is at pool practice…

Enjoy your day Peeps! May it be filled with random….


12 thoughts on “And then I said “Awwwww” and got choked up….

  1. Thanks for the “shout out,” and thank you, too, for having the kind of “spam blockage” that allows for cut and paste. I can NEVER read the ones that have two words–one of which is COMPLETELY unrecognizable–I just don’t get it.

  2. Seattle!!! You’re coming to Seattle? Let’s do lunch!!

    We heart you too Grammy! Thanks for writing, even if it isn’t every day (like I’m one to talk!). 😀

    • I am! Sorta….I’ll be in Poulsbo where Chef Vivi and her Hubs live but plan to go into the city at least once! You and I will chat when I know what day we’ll be there!

      • I have a friend that lives there. Her husband is in the Navy and they love it up there. If you all feel like getting a tattoo she does them and her work is off the hook:-)

      • Her name is Jen Clement and you can find her facebook page for her tattoos on Sailors ink thats her facebook page name. Did you see the tattoo she did on me last week?

  3. I’m lovin’ the Avery pic! Can’t get enough Avery! Don’t grow too fast, Avery! Auntie Pammy said so because Grammy is right, obnoxious teenagers are a no-no!

    I dropped Netflix too. They suck. I wanted them for live streaming of TV shows but they didn’t have any of the ones I watch! Jerks.

    Oh I want a craft room (I’m saying that in a very WHINY voice). I’m really bitchy today. Actually I’ve been bitchy all freaken week. But your nice comment about us readers made my day! Thank you!!!


    • Oh Avery will definitely listen now that Auntie Pammy has spoken!!! So Netflix….I dropped the DVD part (kept the streaming for the time being) and then the dummies sent me a DVD. THEN sent me a nasty-gram saying if it wasnt returned in so many days they’d bill me for it…..JERKS IS RIGHT! Lets me whiny together….

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