Ahhhhh lovely sleep….I heart you

It’s AMAZING what a full night’s sleep will do for an overweight, looking 50 right in the eye, predominately lethargic girl (me, in case you need help figuring that out)

Sunday afternoon, the Hubs and I both took a nap. Not together. I fell asleep in my chair whilst reading and he, being the copycat that he is, followed suit. And neither one of us slept more than a couple of hours that night….That’ll teach him to do what I do…We tossed, we turned, I coughed, he farted, we played tug-of-war with the covers, we flopped, I sweat, he fluffled and refluffed his pillow, I farted, and on and on it went for 6 straight hours….

And we both went to work yesterday bleary-eyed and incapable of functioning or forming complete sentences….

But last night?? Last night we slept the sleep of the Gods….It was glorious! I awakened bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (as opposed to fluffy tailed aka fluffy aka big-squishy-assed) and effin’ perky for God’s sake! PERKY! Those of you who know and love me realize I rarely perk….In fact, I normally avoid all hints of perkiness as it causes me to have to roll my eyes when I encounter other perky people. However, Perkified I am. Lord help us all….

So, to my Work Day, my imminent day of too-loud-too-obnoxious coworkers, truckloads of heavy assed freight, the complete and total fiasco of trying to learn another person’s job so that I can fill in for them while they go off and enjoy a nice Caribbean cruise (bitch), incessantly ringing phones and general dumbassery, I say….

Bring it! And prepare yourself for a butt-whoopin’ of epic proportions!

Mwah ha ha!

Take that Work Day!












4 thoughts on “Ahhhhh lovely sleep….I heart you

  1. Oh to get a GOOD night’s rest! I’ll have to take your word that it was glorious!

    I don’t do “perky” in the mornings either.

    Love the international sign for where you work.

    Come to think of it, mine is the same!


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