Cheer up Buttercup….

OK, I’m tired of hearing myself whine, y’all must be too! So enough….

At least until the next melt down…


Yesterday I indulged in some retail therapy. Why does spending money make us feel better? Anyone?? I don’t have a clue because when I’m not depressed, spending copious amounts of cash on stuff I don’t need usually makes me feel guilty but when I’m drowning my sorrows by piling up a shopping cart to overflowing there is zero guilt. Beats the hell out of me but I feel better so who cares….

What did I buy, you ask?? Craft stuff, dropped half my paycheck at Hobby Lobby. I’m thinking I need to keep busy, and since I’ve picked out about 124.568.264 projects on Pinterest that I want to make, I bought supplies for 4 of those. I finished one project today, but more about that in a minute….

I gave the other half of my paycheck to Kohl’s. I went there for new bed pillows which I was thrilled to find on sale and then spent an hour in the baby department. I just felt like even though she doesn’t live at Grammy’s house anymore Avery still needs to have stuff here. So I bought a couple changes of clothes, a sleeper, a hooded bath towel (no, she didn’t need a towel, I have plenty of nice fluffy towels but holy crap is she cute wrapped in the hooded ones with the little critter faces on the hood!) and a bunch of toys and books. She doesn’t need any of it, her Mom would leave some of that here but dang it, the stuff is so cute I couldn’t resist! So I didn’t….

By the way, Miss Avery is 4 months old today!

And she came to see me today while her Mommy was at work, we played with all her new toys and read 2 of her new books and took a nap, it was heaven….

The craft  project I made today was a housewarming gift for her new room. I saw a picture on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea…

It started like this:

Actually, it started as a blank white stretched canvas but this was the first step. I used an 11×14 size and used canvas because I like the nice clean look you get when you paint the sides. Use whatever floats your boat! I used regular acrylic craft paint and one of those cheap foam brushes to do the background color. I streaked in some darker bits at the bottom and some pure white at the top for contrast and let it dry.

I free-handed the tree. Its for a baby’s room so I figured if it was whimsical and goofy that worked. I ain’t Monet’….I used a dark brown metallic craft paint, and then went back with some copper metallic just for a little highlight here and there. I used a short stiff bristled brush.

This part was fun! And, if you have a goobery spot that you don’t like on your tree, just put a button over it! I found a package of assorted sized buttons in the perfect colors for her room so I lucked out there. I used to have a jar full of odd buttons but I can’t find it….guess I’ll start a new one now! I glued mine on with Alene’s craft glue cuz that’s what I had but it doesn’t dry clear so if I ever make another one of these I’ll use a clear drying glue. I just wasn’t up to fighting the strings you get with hot glue either. Brit said the glue that shows through the button holes looks like thread. I don’t hate it….

Wah-lah! Crazy cute or what??? The letter is wood, painted it with acrylic paint too and glued it to the canvas. It only took me about an hour to do the whole thing, and cost about $9.00 to make (half of which was the big bag of buttons) and I already had the ribbon. Oh forgot to tell you about the ribbon….I cut 2 pieces about 18 inches long and used my staple gun to staple one end on each side about 1 1/2 inches down from the top of the canvas on the back side and then just tied a bow and trimmed the ends….

Avery loved it, she told me so! And then she slobbered on me and tried to eat my face which is a sure sign of approval!

I’m feeling better, I still miss having my Peanut here like crazy but seeing the big smile on her face when she got here this morning was such a great feeling! Going to Grammy’s house is going to be fun for her, I promise!! 

Here’s to a positive friggin’ outlook.

Yes, it’s still me. Yes, I’m still full of snark. Just trying to shake this cloud of funk!



6 thoughts on “Cheer up Buttercup….

  1. Beautiful! And the button tree ain’t bad either 😉

    One of the managers here at the firm has a sign on her door that reads, “Choose Happy”. I can’t always make that choice, but I like her reminder that it is often up to me. Your craft project makes me think of that; you’ve chosen to think positive. Avery’s going to LOVE coming to your house!

  2. I love your art piece, it’s wonderful!

    Avery, on the other hand, goes beyond wonderful into GORGEOUS.

    And I miss her, too. Durnit.

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