AaaahCHOOO! Also, sniffle…

I hab a code. My Hubs gabe it to be.

For our anniversary. Because he loves me…it’s the gift that keeps on giving, really….

As does Kanoodling...

He’s a giver…

Actually, I blame the spread of this particular disease at least partly on Bambi-Lou as she encouraged me to properly thank my Husband for the new Bling he got for me. I should have listened to Red’s advice:

Me: I got new sparkles!

Red: Sweet! What did you get him?




Red: You didn’t get him a gift?


Red: Damn girl.

Me: Yeahhhhh….think I should do that thing he likes??

Red: Ew. Is it more than 2 karats?

Me: Noooo….

Red: Then just eww.

But I didn’t, I listened to Miss Perky Pants. And caught a damn cold. Thanks Bambi…

Geesh, it wasn’t even his birthday. What the hell was I thinking???? I was seduced by glittery diamonds and a cute boy with an impish smile. I’m such a friggin’ pushover….

So. What to do about this damn elephant sitting on my chest? And the cockleburr stuck in my throat? And the goo oozing so attractively from my nose???

Tell ya what I won’t do, I won’t take anymore Musinex. Tried that Tuesday night and had the leg jitters all night long. Spent the entire night fighting off imaginary bugs and twitching like a crack ho’…not fun. 

Chai tea and Puffs are my friends.

The worst part??? CANT. SMOOCH. THE. BABY. And since she’s moving with her Momma into their own place this weekend, no smooches really really REALLY SUCKS. I need to be stocking up on Peanut kisses…

Stupid phlegm.

I was going to get some disposable mask things from the pharmacy but apparently those terrify her so….




Somebody make me chicken soup. With rice. And little pieces of carrots.



*cough, hack*



17 thoughts on “AaaahCHOOO! Also, sniffle…

  1. Yup, kanoodling will do you in every damn time! Hope you feel better soon Lori. I used to swear by AlkaSeltzer Cold, the original from way back when. The new and improved is only new, NOT improved and doesn’t work as well.

    Homemade chicken soup sounds wonderful too!

  2. I hate being sick. I have been dealing with allergy’s for the last month or so here since the trees think its time to start growing new leafs.
    Have you tried that nedi pot thing that washes the crap out of your nose? It sounds really gross but it does help alot.
    I plan on making my spicy chicken soup but i dont think it will ship very well to you and it does not have any rice in it. it just has potatoes, corn, carrots, beans, chicken, chicken broth and a can of spice tomatoe sauce.
    Hope you feel better soon.

      • How cold is it there? Its in the 50’s here today and raining and this weekend it will be in the 70’s.
        So maybe you should come out here and have some warm weather and sunshine:-)

      • Windy. Cold and Windy. Cold and windy and snowy tomorrow I think….Snow is good. Wind is bad…Snow and wind is blizzard.

      • Sorry about your crappy weather to go with your crappy cold. Warm weather will do you good. It will be 80 here on Sunday and I cant wait!!!!

    • I wish. Chef Vivi chicken soup with hand made carrot pasta……I’d be well in no time! Well, by the time I got to the bottom of the pot anyway!

  3. I sowwy you sick. (But I can’t cook worth a damn, so I’m no good to you here.)

    Also, as soon as you’re feeling better, I’ll be having a fit about Avery moving out. How is she supposed to be my room-mate if she is not living there?!? (And no Avery kisses SUCKS big-time.)

    Do I even wanna ASK where exactly this cold WAS on the man you were….um…..canoodling? Because “that thing he likes” means only one thing to many of us….and…..eeeewwww. (giggling wildly and trying to be quiet about it)

    Also, you’ve won an award:

    Hope you’re better soon, sweetie.

    • My head is plotting my death. Or trying to implode. Either way…….And don’t ask, it’s better that you don’t know 🙂 Also, can we just have an “Avery-is-moving-and-we’re-going-to-be-pitiful-about-it” bawlfest together??

  4. Didn’t your mama tell you that kanoodling was bad for your health? And you’re a GRANDMOTHER, for Pete’s sake, you should know that cute guys with impish smiles caring pretty presents filled with bling always have something else to give you…


    I hope you are feeling better super soon because no have Avery smooches really sucks, and having her moving out really sucks too! Maybe you should kidnap her! Need some help? 😉

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