The Color Purple…

Dear Jo,

I hope you like purple, a nice rich muted and slightly dusty shade of purple. Not like PUUUURPLE. Cuz that’s what color I’m painting your room, a.k.a. mine and Peanut’s craft room…

Love, Me.

And I’m not posting any pictures until it’s done! And by done I mean painted, decoupaged and furnished….

Yep, decoupaged….I said it. And I meant it. And I’ve never ever done it before but I’m completely intrigued and have become slightly obsessed by the possibilities of it….

I came home tonight, grabbed a brush and started painting. I never do crap after I get home from work except make dinner. EVER. But for some reason today I developed an itch to get started on this project and couldn’t shake it. I tried. Alas, t was firmly planted and stubbornly refused to be dislodged so….I painted.

And loved the color even more on the wall than I thought I would. I adore it. It’s divine. ambrosial, glorious, splendiferous, transcendent. I have no idea why I chose this particular color, it’s not my favorite color (red) I just knew I wanted something A) fun and B) soothing…a tall order. As I perused the paint chips, this color called out to me. I’m glad it did … I likes it a bunch! 

And now I’m exhausted, frazzled, fatigued, weary, petered out, worn down and tuckered….I is pooped, but in a really good way!

This color makes me happy. So I’m going to sit here in my comfy chair, in my PJ’s, mostly scrubbed free of paint with a colossal grin on my face and do nothing for what’s left of the evening…

Tomorrow the renovation continues!


Thank you Easter Bunny, Bwak Bwak…

Dear Easter Bunny,

I’m a fan of your holiday, I like everything about it…

Hi. I like your ears...

Because of you, children all over the world get a new outfit which the little girls are mostly happy with, and the little boys mostly despise. They look precious in them, so who cares if they’re uncomfortable, itchy, the new shoes rub blisters and the whole ensemble causes Mothers all over the world to chant in unison “Don’t get dirty!” …The little cherubs are cute, that’s all that matters.

I enjoy your traditional celebration food; the deviled eggs, the jelly bean eggs, the Cadbury eggs, the malted milk ball eggs, the chocolate eggs, the Reese’s peanut butter eggs, the entire line of Russell Stover creme filled eggs, the egg shaped carrot cakes. Ironically, the icon fashioned in your likeness is my least favorite, go figure. If we have some turkey or ham that’s OK too….

This is not flattering. You appear to be taking a dump...and I don't need to think about where those Cadbury eggs come from OK??

Following your holiday protocol, I dye the requisite hard boiled eggs. I never fail to plunk an egg into the dye filled coffee cup with more exuberance than necessary at least once, resulting in a stain on my kitchen counter for a few months. I’m OK with this…I also don’t mind having blue fingertips for a day or two because I don’t like to use that little wire egg dipping apparatus provided in the kits. It’s dumb, get some of your minions to re-think that design would ya? Thanks….

Easter Bunny on crack...or too much candy. Whatever...

Your holiday is much more enjoyable to me now that I’ve completely removed the religious aspect of it, haven’t been to an Easter Sunday church service in decades. I’m being totally honest here when I tell you that all those imagines of Christ’s bleeding wounds freaked me the hell out as a kid….gave me nightmares. So skipping right on over that part is my adult prerogative…It’s good to be a grown-up…

For years now, our family celebrates Easter with a picnic, and of course an egg hunt. It’s a tradition that makes me happy. And since we’re picnicking in a public place, it matters not to me if every single egg gets found. The one that inevitably gets hidden so well that no one can remember where it is and ends up rotten and stinking in a month is not my problem…the little animals can take care of it, that smell is ambrosia to them so it’s a win-win for everybody…

Seriously, you need to sue this guy, he's ruining your EW. Just EWWW.

Even though Peanut is too little to hunt eggs this year, she still has a rockin’ Easter basket,  I’m sure she’ll enjoy trying to eat it….I hope it’s slobber-proof. If not, oh well….

Why is she holding you there???? I'm scared....

In closing, my furry friend, I just want to Thank You for providing me with yet another completely superficial holiday fueled by commercialism as well as a legit excuse to eat candy by the truckload.

You rock! 



PS…there are some pretty sketchy pictures of you out there, you should get your PR people on that…you’re welcome…


It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time….

My Saturday’s with Avery have become my favorite day of the week, the light at the end of my tunnel…

And this Saturday, I didn’t take a single picture…

I’m so fired.

We endured a fiasco at Sears trying to get pictures taken of Avery in her sweet little Easter dress (Thank you Big Sista) where we got the photographer voted “Most Likely to Be Devoid of a Personality”. Avery clearly didn’t like her and neither did I. Lucky for her the manager finally took over and snapped a couple decent shots, as I was just about to say “Oh gimme that” and revoke her camera privileges…

I really have to get some sort of backdrop equipment so I can just take them myself…

After that, I took the Peanut with me to do some grocery shopping. She sang to me all through the store, to the delight of the other shoppers! She held my list for me and when part of the writing became obscured by slobbers, I just winged it….Then we came home and took a nap….it was blissful.

She’s just becoming so sweet! Not that she hasn’t always been but now she’s less fussy, and more interactive. She talks and talks, sings, pats my face, flirts and smiles…She’s become such a happy baby! I’m quite content to spend the entire day just playing with her on my lap, reading books or whatever holds her attention. The day goes by so fast and then her Mommy comes to get her and it’s a looooong week waiting for Saturday to roll around again…

Yesterday I worked on another Pinterest project, a hanging succulent garden! I had to order my plants online from an Etsy shop as there were no little cacti/succulents to be found around these parts yet, it’s still too early for the garden centers to have much stock…So they arrived in great shape, I bought 36 cuttings and no 2 were alike. I used an old curio shelf that’s been floating around this house since God was a boy, took the divider pieces out of it, conned the Hubs into cutting it down a bit as it was too big, gave it a coat of paint and some ribbon trim and WaLLah!

I heart this so much!

It’s not hanging yet as the stupid hanger I put on the back broke immediately, so Hubs is gonna get one with some muscle and put it on for me! It’s filled with sphagnum moss which I read succulents thrive in, and the little bronze brads are securing a lattice of fishing line to keep everything in place…

I originally wanted to make a succulent wreathe until I priced the plants and realized it would cost me about $100 bucks to make….I like my re-purposed box just fine!

Next Saturday will be sad for me as I won’t have my Peanut Butter Jelly Baby since her Mom is off work. Therefore, I am painting our craft room, and it is going to be fabulous! The paint color is called “Girls Night Out” ….  🙂

Now I know some of y’all (Pam, Jo!) go into withdrawals if you don’t get regular baby pics so here’s one from way back in December that I never posted on here….

I took this ‘cuz her Mommy wanted to have it put on an apron for Chef Vivi for Christmas, it’s also hanging in my kitchen so I always have my little Sous Chef….

Happy Monday!



Lordy what a day yesterday!

Work was decent, not super slammed which was a good thing as NO ONE  had any motivation whatsoever….I know I’ve complained about my job, cuz Hello?? Who doesnt?? But honestly as far as jobs-that-will-never-make-me-rich go, I don’t mind it about 75 percent of the time. That saying a lot for me…anyway……One of my favorite things about the j.o.b. is that we have Happy Hour around 4 on Fridays. In the office. Never had a job that encouraged you to drink at work before….I’m a fan….Yesterday we made Planters Punch:


  • Equal parts dark Rum, Orange juice, and Pineapple juice
  • splash of lime juice
  • splash of Grenadine
  • Marachino Cherries (cuz I like them)

We made 96 ounces of Punch. 96!  We started early as the Bosses were out of town and by 5:30 we had consumed every drop. And then had Starbucks…

Work sanctioned liquor is a good thing….I’m just sayin’.

And then I had a girl date to for Sushi and  The Hunger Games with Jackie May and her friend Matraysa whom I’d never met. (Loved her!) Jackie and I had been discussing our upcoming date with much excitement for the last few weeks and poor Vivi was a little pouty about the whole thing….From a thousand miles away I could feel her bottom lip becoming more and more pooched as date night drew nearer….So I broke down and took her with us:

I tell ya, the things I do to make my Kids happy….

The movie was so GOOD! Didn’t stray too far from the book which I appreciated. My phone became possessed by Satan causing my fellow movie goers to glare at me with a shanking look in their eye. The parking lot was so full we had to park in the next county and walk to the theatre.  Thanks to consuming massive amounts of sushi and liquor, I barely touched my purse full of candy I smuggled in. I didn’t have to pee until 10 minutes into the movie (of course) and so when a scene scared the beejebus out of me I peed my pants a little. It was a good time all around y’all….

Did I mention the movie started at 10 pm and was 2 1/2 hours long???

And that explains my poopedness….

Today is Avery day, taking her to have her Easter pictures done! And then I’ll spend the afternoon trying like hell to get her to take a looooooooong nap with me.



And then I said “Awwwww” and got choked up….

This post is gonna be all about the random….

Mostly ‘cuz I don’t have enough to say about any one subject to write a whole post on it, but rather have a head full of random snippets that I haven’t the energy to expand on….

1. To My Darling Granddaughter:

This would fit this post better if it said "LOVE YOU GRAMMY" but I work with what I got....

Knock off that growing so dang fast would ya??? Grammy loves the snuggly, wiggly, cooing baby stage and if you keep growing like you’re doing you’ll be out of it soon! Stay little!!! 15 pounds and 25 inches long at 4 months….Quit it!!! You’re my Sunshine, my Heart and Soul and I’m in no hurry for you to become an obnoxious teenager….

2. To My Co-Worker Who is Leaving Me for Sunny Beaches:

I’m sorry I called you a bitch but honestly you’d call me one if it were me yakking 24/7 about my effin’ cruise! You know you would! I love ya but come on….you could fit me in your suitcase if you really tried. I do yoga, I’m bendy…..*pout*

3. Jacksonville, Seattle and Memphis:

You’re no cruise but I cannot wait to see y’all in April, July and September!

4. New Clothes:

I’ve gained back about 10 of my hard fought lost pounds from last year. And guess what?  I really don’t give a shit. Ok, I do, but not enough to stop cooking and baking yummy nom-noms so…..I’ve been buying new spring and summer clothes and I love them, so there! I yam what I yam…Speaking of Yams, they’re delightful sliced in half and grilled then topped with plenty of BUTTER, BROWN SUGAR AND CINNAMON. Skinny Schminny. I like food….

5. My Readers, the Few and the Faithful:

I heart y’all. I do. I feel the love and encouragement coming through my laptop from your comments and I’m heartened. You validate my feelings, you lighten my mood, you put a smile on my face, you make me giggle….You’re the reason I keep writing. And to Laurie, my newest reader who’s comment made me a bit teary-eyed this morning: I hope I never disappoint. Also, just check back every couple of days or so as I stopped posting everyday at the beginning of the year. Perpetual Brain Fartitis…

6. My Craftroom:

I WILL GET YOU PUT BACK TOGETHER. Someday….I promise. Stay strong in the knowledge that while you sit empty I continue to buy stuff to fill you with. It’s piled up all over this joint….And I did pick up a couple of paint chips at Lowe’s the other day so Chin Up Buttercup!

7. Spring Cleaning:

F*ck you. Seriously….

8. Netflix:

You’re kinda dumb, but thank you for sending me a DVD from my list even after I cancelled your ass….I’ll watch it tonight while Hubs is at pool practice…

Enjoy your day Peeps! May it be filled with random….