Seriously? I mean really….

Y’all know I love me some Yahoo news….This article is my most recent find.

And now we know why our damn airfare costs so much. If rising fuel costs is what has prompted the need to charge me for my bags stop wasting fuel ya jackasses.

This is the recent flight path of a Boeing 787 flight. 9000 nautical miles. So they could draw 787 and the Boeing symbol in the sky….


The article proclaims it “an exciting time for air travel enthusiasts”…well guess what? It ain’t so friggin exciting for those of us trying to get from point A to point B without having to take out a loan or sell a kidney.


I also found this article  and all I have to say is lets add the dummies at Boeing to this guy’s menu….

Have a great weekend, I’m sewing pillows….maybe……unless my sewing machine thoroughly pisses me off and then I’ll be picking up pieces of smashed sewing machine from  outta the yard after it magically flies off my deck….


Good Reads…

I almost didn’t get to write this post. Well, I did write it but then God got pissed at me and my site crashed causing me to lose all but the first paragraph of the original draft. I was so pissy about it that I said “Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Sob. *hiccup*. Also “Mehehehehehehehe” *sniffle* and spent a good hour pouting and declaring my blogging days OVER rather than spend the time to fix the problem….(Yes, yes, I am a bit dramatic at 6:00 in the morning, wha??) After the hiccups subsided, I contacted my web host and they walked me thru the fix. 🙂

I felt much better as I headed to work until I got into town and almost got T-boned not once but twice by Asshats who can’t figure out the concept of wait your turn at the 4 way stop. Grrrrrr….Luckily I made to to work alive and after a coffee and a bagel decided I’d rewrite my book review instead of actually doing any work while at work. Yay me….

I’ve been pretty diverse in my choice of reading material lately. Which is why I have 597,698,568 books on my Ereader at any given moment, ‘cuz I never know what I’ll be in the mood for…

I’m currently about halfway thru The Help which has been so good, and told from an interesting perspective. It’s also totally pissed me off from time to time but I think that was at least in part, the reaction that Kathryn Stockett was going for…

Hex Hall was recommended by one of my pseudo daughters. It was a cute little light read, supernatural without the gore you find in the Anita Blake Series, minus the sap of Twilight, and without the kanoodling that abounds in the Sookie Stackhouse Books. So why on earth would I finish it and then purchase the sequel to it without all the fun stuff in the supernatural/vampire books I usually read??? ‘Cuz it was good that’s why!

I do love me some blood, gore and kanoodling!

Ivory was…..interesting. Weird. Intriguing. Alot like a car wreck on the highway that you can’t help but look at….it was free and I’ll read about anything that’s free. Sometimes you get what you pay for, but this one was actually pretty good in a say what?? kind of way…

See? Creepy...but now you're intrigued aren't you?

One day I think I downloaded like 9 free books from the Sony store, After Life: Love was another one. It was a little sappy, but also a little dark and disturbing. I probably wouldn’t have bought it, but I enjoyed it….

Ok, go ahead and send me hate mail for this but, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo…COULD.NOT.GET.INTO.IT. Just couldn’t. It’s very rare for me to give up on a book, especially one I actually paid for but it was just dry and bogged down in detail that I didn’t feel added anything to the plot line….If you read it and loved it, my apologies…

The Dark Tide was another one of the free downloads I got that day. A nice little mystery that kept me guessing, as any good whodunit should!

I swear vampire books is not all I read. I swear!!! But Fledgling got such good reviews I couldn’t pass it up. The perspective it is written from is such a departure from the whole vampire fiction genre. It kept me enthralled to the very end, which I thought was too abrupt as I wanted more closure than it gave me…

To say I adored Like Water For Chocolate is an understatement…I was so sad when I got to the last page, which is exactly the feeling you want from a good read! Loved it….L.O.V.E.D.

Did I mention I loved this book??

Forgive me if I’ve mentioned this before but read The Hunger Games Trilogy. Do it. DO IT NOW.

And Please for the love of God, remember that it’s best to be patient and wait until it’s your turn at the 4 way stop otherwise you make people stabbity and you never know when that person will decide to stalk you…

What have y’all been reading?


Ahhhhh…..Middle Age.

As I rapidly approach my 50th Birthday, I’ve spent a great deal of time wondering what the last half of my life will be like. I’ve done some reading, trying to prepare for the changes my future certainly holds for me and I’ve come across a few glimpses of just what I have to look forward to:


Creaky joints. Check. 

What else?

I put this in for the Hubs benefit as it’s a reference guide. Because personally, I do not care if I am bitchy and hormonal.  I’ve done my part to help, if he doesn’t figure out how to avoid making me all stabbity that is his problem….


 I think I sent this to Bambi-Lou recently. I think…..I don’t remember. Shut up. 

Being a Grandparent I worry about the future. I want Avery to live in a kinder, gentler society. One where everyone is accepted and differences are embraced. A world like this:


I really feel like this one will only make sense to people of a certain age who have attained great wisdom and insight. Also having early onset Dementia makes it hysterically funny to me. I don’t remember why…



I eagerly await the day when I can wander aimlessly and have people smile patiently and murmur things like “Oh, there’s Miss Lori in our back yard again. My what nice pajama’s she’s wearing but what is that on her head? Wait, I think that’s…yep, it’s the dog food bowl. Quick! Go fetch her before she wanders into traffic like the last time, Bless her heart…Here, take her a cookie.”

Ahhhh….retirement, I can’t wait!



That’s what Red calls February 14th….Doomsday. 

My Hubs always has flowers delivered to me at work, which is fun for me. HOWEVER….I think this year I’m going to ask him not to. I think I’d rather go to a really nice dinner. So while February 14th isn’t Doomsday for me, I get why, as a single woman, Red feels that way about it….

I also realized I have no idea where the flowers/candy tradition started. Was it ever anything other than a commerce driven day invented by 1-800 -flowers, Russell Stover and Hallmark? I googled it….


Turns out the history of Valentine’s Day—and its patron saint—is shrouded in mystery.  So, who was Saint Valentine and how did he become associated with the whole flowers/candy thing? Today, the Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred, for what, is unknown. I’m guessing because he forgot to stop and pick some flowers for his wife and she was pissed enough to sick the entire village on him….just a guess.

Other stories suggest that Valentine may have been killed for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons where they were often beaten and tortured. And then he sent candy to the prison guards to make them feel better about getting fired for letting the prisoners escape?? 

In Great Britain, Valentine’s Day began to be popular around the seventeenth century. By the middle of the eighteenth century, it was common for friends and lovers in all social classes to exchange small tokens of affection or handwritten notes. By the end of the century, printed cards began to replace written letters due to improvements in printing technology. And Hallmark was born….

Whichever Valentine legend you believe, they all agree on one thing: that St. Valentine was killed in mid February and that is the reason we celebrate the holiday on that particular day. So essentially, we all show our love and affection for our Sweethearts on the day some Dude name Valentine died in what was most likely a very brutal fashion. How very romantic….Doomsday indeed. 

I’m on board with my Hubs bestowing me with tokens of affection, I just don’t need it done on February 14th. And here’s why:









I think that pretty well sums it up, don’t you?


Karl Lagerfeld needs to shut the Hell up…

According to this article, the head designer for Chanel thinks Adele is too fat. Let’s think about that for a minute….

Adele. Gorgeous.

Karl. Creepy old Fart.













Ok, I’m done thinking and here is my conclusion:

Mr. Lagerfeld, with all due respect,  Adele is of average size. You’re just used to 80 pound women. Adele may be “fat” by supermodel standards but she’s young and beautiful. You on the other hand are old and creepy. She can always lose weight if she chooses. The only fix for old and creepy is a paper bag over your head. Or a coffin ….

So there…

Lay off my girl, I love me some Adele and if you think she’s overweight wait until I get ahold of you. I’m effin’ JUMBO and totally capable of squishing you like a nasty little bug….I’m just sayin’….

Plus, Hellllloooo?? There’s a little thing called “tact” Sir. You should either develop some or never speak unless your publicist approves it beforehand…

But Thank You for proving my theory once again: MONEY DOESN’T BUY CLASS.