Seriously? I mean really….

Y’all know I love me some Yahoo news….This article is my most recent find.

And now we know why our damn airfare costs so much. If rising fuel costs is what has prompted the need to charge me for my bags stop wasting fuel ya jackasses.

This is the recent flight path of a Boeing 787 flight. 9000 nautical miles. So they could draw 787 and the Boeing symbol in the sky….


The article proclaims it “an exciting time for air travel enthusiasts”…well guess what? It ain’t so friggin exciting for those of us trying to get from point A to point B without having to take out a loan or sell a kidney.


I also found this article  and all I have to say is lets add the dummies at Boeing to this guy’s menu….

Have a great weekend, I’m sewing pillows….maybe……unless my sewing machine thoroughly pisses me off and then I’ll be picking up pieces of smashed sewing machine from  outta the yard after it magically flies off my deck….



2 thoughts on “Seriously? I mean really….

  1. All I can say about the flight pattern is WTF?

    The shark…it looks like a bunch of moss eating a shark and I can honestly say I don’t care WHAT eats a shark as I don’t like sharks. So moss eating a shark, a shark eating a shark or a shark on a menu–EAT SHARKS so sharks don’t eat people.

    Guess you can tell from the above paragraph that I will not watch “Shark Week”!

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