Ahhhhh…..Middle Age.

As I rapidly approach my 50th Birthday, I’ve spent a great deal of time wondering what the last half of my life will be like. I’ve done some reading, trying to prepare for the changes my future certainly holds for me and I’ve come across a few glimpses of just what I have to look forward to:


Creaky joints. Check. 

What else?

I put this in for the Hubs benefit as it’s a reference guide. Because personally, I do not care if I am bitchy and hormonal.  I’ve done my part to help, if he doesn’t figure out how to avoid making me all stabbity that is his problem….


 I think I sent this to Bambi-Lou recently. I think…..I don’t remember. Shut up. 

Being a Grandparent I worry about the future. I want Avery to live in a kinder, gentler society. One where everyone is accepted and differences are embraced. A world like this:


I really feel like this one will only make sense to people of a certain age who have attained great wisdom and insight. Also having early onset Dementia makes it hysterically funny to me. I don’t remember why…



I eagerly await the day when I can wander aimlessly and have people smile patiently and murmur things like “Oh, there’s Miss Lori in our back yard again. My what nice pajama’s she’s wearing but what is that on her head? Wait, I think that’s…yep, it’s the dog food bowl. Quick! Go fetch her before she wanders into traffic like the last time, Bless her heart…Here, take her a cookie.”

Ahhhh….retirement, I can’t wait!



8 thoughts on “Ahhhhh…..Middle Age.

  1. Grammy, I love, love, LOVE your visual effects!

    My fav is “I’ve always loved you in that robe.” MY husband needs lessons on THAT one, considering I was IN my robe the ENTIRE weekend. And IF he doesn’t like MY robe, then it would behoove him to buy me a NEW one. I’m just sayin’…

    I’ve often said I can’t wait (well I can) until I’m really old so that I can do ANYTHING I want and people will say, “Aw, she’s old. Bless her heart.” And if they give me a cookie…THAT would be a major bonus! (Cupcakes are a bonus too).

  2. Creaky? I’ve no idea what you could be referring to (she says while rubbing her knee, which ratchets like Barbie’s fully articulated legs). You’re darn tootin’ I should be eating that. And that, and that, and this! Goes great with wine. I think. Wait, anything goes great with wine!

  3. I SO wanna come up there and wander the streets with a dog bowl on my head, too. How many cookies can we get for that? This is gonna be FUN!!!

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