Karl Lagerfeld needs to shut the Hell up…

According to this article, the head designer for Chanel thinks Adele is too fat. Let’s think about that for a minute….

Adele. Gorgeous.

Karl. Creepy old Fart.













Ok, I’m done thinking and here is my conclusion:

Mr. Lagerfeld, with all due respect,  Adele is of average size. You’re just used to 80 pound women. Adele may be “fat” by supermodel standards but she’s young and beautiful. You on the other hand are old and creepy. She can always lose weight if she chooses. The only fix for old and creepy is a paper bag over your head. Or a coffin ….

So there…

Lay off my girl, I love me some Adele and if you think she’s overweight wait until I get ahold of you. I’m effin’ JUMBO and totally capable of squishing you like a nasty little bug….I’m just sayin’….

Plus, Hellllloooo?? There’s a little thing called “tact” Sir. You should either develop some or never speak unless your publicist approves it beforehand…

But Thank You for proving my theory once again: MONEY DOESN’T BUY CLASS. 



8 thoughts on “Karl Lagerfeld needs to shut the Hell up…

  1. EW! He looks like one of those Dummy Puppet things. Just look at his mouth…does he have his hand in his back to make his mouth move in order to say STUPID stuff?

    And what’s with the shades? HIS future is NOT bright.

    But Adele’s IS! She IS gorgeous!

  2. A girl with meat on her bones is way better then one who looks like she is going to die. Adele seems happy the way she is and I sure hope she does not change because this OLD BALLS said something!!!!!!

    Can I help squish too??

  3. That is one seriously ugly dude. He’s just mad and jealous because he’s ugly and she’s gorgeous. Idjit.

    The paper bag over his face needs to be tied at the bottom with a hangman’s noose. Rather tightly, just so he can’t talk……or escape.

    • Ooooooh lets do THAT before we squish him! I found it amusing that the day after the story was on Yahoo.com he issued an apology and proclaimed himself “her biggest fan”….weinerhead.

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